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  1. Good to know this was a thing as I've pretty much got the same situation going and was about to hit up Rusare. That was hour 41 and I'm at hour 62, so I definitely will not be going backwards, haha. Here are saves right before arriving at Crookspur and in Rusare's pad hours after nuking Crookspur. I had freed the Wahaki fighters (without sounding an alarm) and convinced them to flee before the decimation: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/046n0mkinskq91o/AADtbxi18uilelXIzoN-ymaCa?dl=0 None of the mods I used touch the quests - just hair color and junk - and I believe I did Crookspur before t
  2. I swear I searched for anything related to dwarves and bugs before this. Male dwarves appear to have a color mismatch between the body and head. Not really that intense of an issue since you play as little dude on the screen, but I thought I'd mention as: 1. It's still weird. 2. While wearing most armor renders the issue moot, I may want to steal Tekehu's clothes (he may not even mind). Or I may want to run a fancy chanter in a dancer getup. 3. Dwarves deserve love and attention too. Isn't that enough? And to echo this post, male dwarf heads 3 and 4 are not playing well with colo
  3. The News image is celebrating Patch 2.1 before you've even announced Patch 2.0.
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