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  1. I wanna try it too. could you tell me where should i change it? Edit : never mind found it, thanks anyway.
  2. As the title suggests I'm looking for the best skills/abilities/spells/equipment to make Aloth best battlemage possible. Any ideas?
  3. they are selfish or more accurately they're looking after their own interests (at the cost of others). It's more like our real world if you think about it. but just like others have said you don't have to join a faction to finish the game.
  4. As the title says, in the case of spell casters (chanter/priest/cipher/druid/wizard) the spell tiers that we didn't choose any spell (active ability) from them during the process of leveling up our character still show up in the quick access menu and that's annoying to say the least. it would be great if we only see the tiers/levels that we HAVE at least one spell in them. remove the empty ones from the UI please. thanks for reading this. Edit : don't forget the grimmoires. if we are using a grimmoire that have a spell in a specific tier that was empty before , well then it needs
  5. Hi Obsidian, I know that you can always quick save before recruitment of companions so if you're not satisfied with your choice of class for them you could always go back and choose a different class. but it would be great to have a class abilities preview button in the class choice window especially for the companions with unique sub classes. thank you for reading this.
  6. I would prefer Serafen as a Cipher with dual wielding pistols. since my main character isn't a cipher and I wanna have one in my party(focus on damage/control). I think you should look into what kinda role he is going to play in your party.
  7. perhaps a multi class character. A devoted fighter with weapon proficiency of arquebus and sharpshooter ranger with bear companion (the most tanky one). PS: I personally prefer warbow over arquebus.
  8. I haven't play the game (beta or full) yet. I'm guessing you have to put the scrolls in quick item box in your inventory window. so you could select them during combat.
  9. I think the purpose of multi-casting is to access different variety of abilities. with that in mind I think priest of Eothas / Fury Druid or priest of Eothas / Evoker Wizard would be good choice. one class for buffs/healing and the other for pure damage.
  10. could anybody explain all the active/passive abilities of all priest sub types? if you have any link to pictures or videos of each ability .... frankly anything at this point I would be grateful.
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