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  1. I think the Sky Dragon can make a return as well, depending on your end save data from PoE 1. I was messing around with data and found 'sky dragon' listed as a creature. I had level scaling up when it was still broken, so usually my challenging fights were against foes that were simply above my pay grade (Think I tried Concelhaut five levels lower than normal on hard mode and I had to walk away and come back for the final showdown).
  2. He's always been heading towards Ashen Maw. This is the first area where you two physically meet. He *was* at Hasongo, but by the time you learn of it he has already moved on.
  3. I beat the game as a Holy Slayer (Rogue/Paladin). Goldpacts are great for Gilded Enmity, so more defense, and Bleak Walkers are considered the best since their flames of devotion adds a debuff that rogues can utilize. Paladins are great multi's for front line fighters, they're really good for beefing up a squishier class. A good hit of flames of devotion on something that meets sneak attack bonus can deal as much damage as finishing blows. After the initial batch of skills I focused on their passives, which again, are really good for a class that focuses on damage dealing.
  4. To me it didn't feel at all about timing. If you snitch about the bank heist, she calls the whole deal off. I completed it fairly quickly but still she does that. Only normal peaceful solution is to get her to agree to talk, and then go to the guy you convinced before and resolve it there.
  5. From what I have been able to tell, certain enchantments just...do this. Save before you enchant. The ones that wholly work are always the quality ones (fine, excellent, etc). Most enchantments (but not all) overlap in some way. One weapon, for example, with fortify a bonus it has, another will add another enchantment to the same cast conditions. Picking one will cancel the other out. Another example would be Whispers of the Endless. It's pretty cut and dry, there are two enchantments that give you different skills (one is a single target, other is multi), and two skills that are either offensive or defensive. Just takes experimentation, although yes, in future patches I would love something that told me 'hey, X enchantment cancels out Y'. Would make playtesting easier at any rate. Only one I've found truly bugged is Eder's armor. If you pick something that *isn't* the last enchantment, it removes all the possibilities. Despite you being able to choose the lowest, and then pick another one. Will just have to wait for a patch, and the wiki to fill out for us to figure out what cancels what.
  6. When looking at the weapons description, there is no button to talk to it at the bottom? Hmm...Bug I suppose. And at KaiG's post, that could be it, but I did the same thing to level up Modwyr (ships are the best chances to kill kith after all) but it upgraded fine. I had to initiate a manual talk with the sword is all.
  7. Aye, it's a shame that Ydwin wasn't able to become a full party member. Budget issues. Same thing happened with Ulysses in Fallout: New Vegas. He was slated to be your only Legion friendly companion but was axed. In fact if it wasn't for the DLC for that game he wouldn't have appeared at all.
  8. You either right click the icon of the weapon, or, while it's equipped and you are selecting the Watcher, there should be a 'talk' button like there is with companions which should launch the talking to the sword. Hope that helps.
  9. Not sure if that happened in your run, but I tested both before killing 25 kith and after killing 25 kith, and I got full results. Maybe if you get it before that it won't work. Also, read somewhere else, it's the same stats for all classes.
  10. It's a soulbound weapon, so likely like soulbound weapons from PoE 1, it might have different abilities based on what class you bind it to. First, it's a sword, 1H. Has these stats: Jealous: Only binds to the Watcher. Emotional: Deals 20% bonus damage as Burn when above 50% health, 20% Freeze when below. Fine (Kill 1 Kith) Eager Lover: 2% bonus attack speed per hit until end of combat (stacks 15 times) (Deal 1500 damage to Kith) Becomes Exceptional (Kill 25 Kith) Experimentation: Gain Bottoms up (1 per encounter attack that stuns enemy) (Talk to *****) Becomes Superb, True Independence (Immune to Intellect afflictions) After small questline to max this sword out, It becomes a unique weapon, so you'll actually be able to upgrade it to Legendary, equip to others, etc. I had it bind to me as a rogue, so Bottoms up might be a rogue skill. Not entirely sure. Also, on the 'Kill 25 Kith' you get the name of ****** and where they are, so you can skip that point and gain all the skills without going through the trouble of killing so many Kith. There may be different skills and ways to end this, because there's lines somewhere where you can silence the voice in Modwyr apparently, but I haven't come across that.
  11. Have you tried being near one of those locations and then chatting with Eder? It didn't shoot off for me either, nor did a talk icon pop up. But I just did the normal chat function with him near the preacher in Queen's Berth and it activated.
  12. Try having enough medicine, then heading into Nekataka. That should instantly use up all of your resources trying to fix injuries and ship. Doing this with three guys down will likely use up all of your medicine, which you will have to buy more of, then just leave port and enter again. Hope this helps.
  13. The commission was for her guns, not the ship. When you pay 1k for the guns, four iron thunderers are added to your inventory.
  14. Hrm, that's a shame. With Eders armor, I can see how some of them might overlap, but whispers of yenwood? Taking a skill that increases...crit damage makes the debuff disappear? Odd. Maybe they should look into explaining this in the tutorial...Or give us an indicator or something to know what's exclusive.
  15. Basically, I've noticed with some weapons when you enchant them, other enchantments become unavailable. For some weapons, this makes sense, for other enchantments, it's vexing. Was wondering if there's just no feedback on which enchantments become null. Let me see if this works. Here's the basic armor enchantment list of Eder's Saint's War armor. These are the options when I have taken Veteran's Maneuvers and Veteran's Scars. 'Like a Steel Trap' and 'Rock solid' are missing. I never took these enchantments. I'm trying to convey that this applies to other weapons and armor as well. Here's Whispers of Yenwood. All I took was 'Whetted', but it dropped the skill that allowed one to remove the 'Whispers of the Dead' debuff from the sword. And here's a pistol where I only took one special enchantment. Think it had 3-4? But now all I can do is upgrade it. So I'm trying to ask devs if these are bugs or just a lack of informing the player. For some of the weapons/armor, the other selections remain on the list until you close it out. Or maybe that's also a bug?
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