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  1. The bug apparently still exists... Given that I can apparently only aquire the godseed-quest if I decide for tayn a 2nd time, and given that I can't hand him the collected annals, this is really a dealbreaker =/
  2. if we're talking style pale hide+ whitewitch mask looks absolutely amazing, especially on a coastal aumaua
  3. I think the Witcher set a good precedent. I'd mention this alone for the Witcher-Watcher fun, but jokes aside, the Witcher series managed a world, where story and free exploration went hand in hand. Not equally good in every one of the 3 games, but all of them did better than PoE2 imho. Let's take Witcher 3, you look to find Ciri, a girl that's like a daugther to you, while doing that, you have local quarrels to handle(the baron e.g.), bigger things to decide, like who do you support for King or Queen(or whatever the title was) of Skellige, decide on a woman, play certain factions against each
  4. I totally feel the same way. Seemed like a lot of build up to just click a couple of chat options. Seems like things were heading towards a three-way race to Ukaizo, with rival gods plotting to destroy Eothas, but then on reaching Ukaizo, there were two or three largely empty maps, then a couple of chat options and straight into epilogue briefing. Some kind of battle with the rejected factions and/or rival gods' agents preparing to trigger their world-ending-stop-Eothas-plot, would have been nice. But, that was my first play through on veteran difficulty. With 11 individual clas
  5. Nope there isn't, Nemnok with all his minions can be hard, when they come from 3 sides, but apart from that there's no real hard fight
  6. Empowered Wilting Wind, Empowered Great Maelstrom, Empowered Minoletta's Concussive Missiles(on stacked enemies), try them...they oneshot almost everything on potd. This cannot be intended, and if you tell me it's fun, you're weird. Now of course I could simply not use those spells, or empower, or could fight unarmed and naked on all characters, I could also wear a blindfold while playing, but that doesn't change that it needs to be adjusted. They clearly need to do both, nerf empower a bit and nerf certain combinations that are just very powerful but also adjust difficulties, potd is way too
  7. Is there a ''join us'' moment when it comes to the Principi so i can say ''no''? Cause i want to drain any many quests out of these factions as possible without joining any of them. EDIT: If i decide to join the Principi does nobody leave? You mention you fight some Huana leaders and others mention fighting Ruatai leaders with the Principi, so why does nobody leave during those events? There is a "I have the Fonferrus and return to Aeldys/Furrante" moment, which is the "join us" point. If you decide to join the Principi nobody leaves. You then sail through the storm and land on Ukuzi
  8. Spoilers ahead: Side with Ruatai - Maia is their spy, Pallegina their enemy => Pallegina leaves; Also you're asked to kill the Huana leaders => guess Tekehu leaves? Side with VaIlian trading Company - Pallegina is their bodyguard, Maia works for the opposing faction => Maia leaves Side with the Huana - gotta blow up the Ruatai powder**** same as VTC => Suppose Maia leaves as well Side with the Principi - nobody leaves, you take the Ghostship and fight the Huana leaders on Ukuzi or what's it called Side with nobody - buy a ship, give it the dragon wing sail and the most e
  9. I'll spoiler a lot, so dont read on if you haven't finished the game. I agree with the part about the mystery. Not only are Eothas' whereabouts not a mystery, also his intentions are quite clear from the beginning, and they don't seem evil at all. Most RPGs feature a very prominent antagonist. A huge nemesis to the world, an evil that needs to be destroyed; or if you're into playing evil characters, then they at least stole something significant from you, that lets you tremble, leaves you weak, so that you have only pursuit in mind. Irenicus or the White Hunt come into my mind. Here the m
  10. Eh, this is supposed to be a spoiler free section of the forums... Is it? There's a clearly stated "Spoiler Warning" in the section-title. Also he clearly marked this as a spoiler, while you spoilered it for all to see
  11. I got the hearth defender's scale...trying hard to remember where I got it....It's most certainly a quest, and something involving a family(it has family bond ability and I recall that making sense) you have to reunite. pretty certain it's that acolyte of nemnok you gotta rescue, Quest is "Nemnok the devourer", let me know if that was it got everything except the red hand now too...wondering where that is hidden btw pale hide + whitewitch mask or serpent crown make for great style
  12. that's sweet, bad game design,but whatever, it did the trick, thanks
  13. mhh, Xoti is on +2, edér on -1, the rest 0, mhh kay, shrines dont give enough for Xoti to go all negative, any other idea? Tried killing innocents in Neketaka...no reaction at all, weird companions I got there
  14. Indeed thanks, btw only other achievement missing for me is negative reputation with followers, any way to do that when I already completed their quests?attacking them didnt help with reputation loss xD
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