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  1. This guide is not updated with the current patch, but before the patch with lvl 4 blessings and potd non upscaled content, the three 3 wraiths before oderisi simply had 0 chance to hit me, so despite low damage and health it was still very safe, goldpact knight mark giving 4 armor also helped me a lot, however I'm not sure if that's still the case, and I know the cats near aloth could be stealthed past completely, not sure if it's still doable post patch tho, haven't played recently. Looking through the patch notes, the patches didn't change too much to this build defenses wise, nerfed so
  2. I think Kaylon is right about how enemy's intelligence factors into the calculation, when I hit myself with chill fog the blind was like half the duration, and I think when I got hit by xaurip paralyze is was like 1/3 or 1/4, can't remember exactly, but yea, it never reached 0.
  3. No I don't think it's possible, I tried a pure wizard build using the idea, had like 51% from resolve, 15% from naga amulet and 35% from the ring, and it did not remove all hostile effects, it was only reducing by around half actually, I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended.
  4. If I remember well they can be bought from the bonus merchant... I think that one is a cloak, but need someone else to confirm it.
  5. Oh and don't bother CCing anything, or at least not on fights where it really matters because enemies have crazy defenses and you'll have very poor accuracy, besides most CC skills have pretty long recovery and cast time it's usually not worth using, and unlike previous game, bosses in poe 2 are almost all immune to hard CC effects.
  6. It's possible, because one of cipher's spells give 20 all defenses, in fact, inthe build I'm working on, I should have 210 deflection on inquisitor at level 20, with casita legacy chest and the athletics shield. I know you can get 200+ deflection with that op large shield, but just based on the gear OP post, i'm not sure if 160 is reachable tho. You get 20+57+21 = 98 basic deflection, 20 from borrowed instinct, you need another 42 deflections from gears. Edit: So I checked that Gipon armor, it gives u up to 20 deflections ouch Edit 2: man it's just so easy to stack deflection
  7. When multiclassing wizard I'd say it's more about the buffs, because when comparing raw damage from spells it's simply way weaker in comparison to power level boosted tier 9s. in fact despite I'm the person who made this guide I don't recommand going multiclass wizard at all right now, because in terms of raw damage pure wizard is better and for multiclass other classes are better, there are many sources of deflection buffs in the game and you don't really need wizard's double to hit the untouchable 211 deflection line, (final boss has an attack that has 146 accuracy, in order to be untouchabl
  8. Also, does Bracers of Greater Deflection (Hands) +7 deflection even exist in the game? Because the best pair I found for myself was a pair of gloves that adds 2 athletics which convert to 1 damned deflection, if so, where is it located?
  9. It's possible, because one of cipher's spells give 20 all defenses, in fact, inthe build I'm working on, I should have 210 deflection on inquisitor at level 20, with casita legacy chest and the athletics shield.
  10. Don't know about the logs, but when you look at the penetration on the character screen there's no bonus from the effigy. Personally I experienced no bug with Gipon Prudensco - it stops at 10 stacks... I'm curious however if Entonia Signet works for you. Entonia signet works for me but only during combat of course, and where do you even get Gipon Prudensco? I had to add it with console since asking for it's location in the unique thread didn't help.
  11. Devil of caroc effigy works on weapon attacks but not for spells, the penetration shows up in combat log but doesn't explain the source. and Gipon Prudensco is currently bugged atm I think? The bonus stacks infinitely and I was getting over 300 defenses when I tried it.
  12. The spell damage is actually very bad compare to a pure wizard evoker stacking fire power levels, like, you can't even compare the two, meteor shower has ridiculous base damage and scale off both might and int, those type of wizards can probably 1 shot the final boss with empowered meteor shower or concelhaut's crushing doom since boss has low deflection, while this build's ninagauth pillars are only good for killing low level trash, this build was just an attempt of me to try the tanking concept, now that I look back wizard is probably not the best class for this setup, I'm currently working
  13. Yea, armor aura's 1 armor bonus is quite pathetic anyway, I only use the aura for it's life regen, and when full hp, switching to the accuracy aura is not a bad idea.
  14. I chose goldpact because I don't use flames of devotion personally, since this is not a chanter build, the zeal resources are limited, can't really spam flames of devotion, and the bonus armor from goldpact makes early game a lot easier, it's actually very helpful late game too, since the armor bonus stacks with stoic steel, making it unnecessary to use ironskin wizard spell.
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