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  1. Anyone know where all the side bosses are in Deadfire? Not counting ones like the Steel Preacher or anything like that, I mean the dungeons that have a tough boss at the end. All I've found was Cocelhaut and the one vampire in the southeast.
  2. Sold all my CSGO skins and made like $40.00, someone recommend me a game. I'm into rpgs and hack & slashes
  3. Could you elaborate? I can perhaps see the "chore" part, as combat required more of the player's attention in the original. But, since most fights in Deadfire do not reward or punish the player for paying attention and actually using tactics, I'm failing to see how most combats are actually interesting in Deadfire? With abilities and health regen between fights, individual encounters can be more dangerous. Because of this system, I try to punch above my weight far more often, seeking out red skull fights and seeing if I can pull them off. It also means I don't have ot conserve abilities a
  4. I don't mean fasting to an infinite degree. More like getting up to three days at a time and staying there until I hit my goal. I've got a couple friends who are the same body type as I am and it worked out well for them, so I see no harm in giving it a go.
  5. Start working out, once you get into it you won't stop. The only reason I haven't freed myself from musclefat hell yet is because I hate cardio and have carbohydrates with every meal.
  6. I'm a bit curious what type of nutrition system you are using that has you fasting? Were you doing shakes? Snake diet. Increasing fasting over time until you hit your weight, then do OMAD. And protein shakes are a sham my dude.
  7. I mean, assuming the watcher is male, and you played as a male watcher, we could deduce that maybe he's heterosexual? It might have already been thrown around ITT but I wouldn't discount the possibility.
  8. Yeah, sounds about right. And it's not like going on the hunt for Eothas was hard, like Thaos, since Eothas happened to be a giagantic statue of adra and all that. Least it was kinda funny that trying to fight him got you zapped into nothing, without even a full end credits scene.
  9. Finished my first 48 hour fast, my goal of 180 by the end of June should be easy to hit if I stay good about sticking to my macros and not neglecting cardio. That aside, anyone have any good fantasy works that aren't Tolkien? Need some inspiration for a DnD campaign I'm doing, fresh outta ideaa outside of putting it in pathfinder and having a general theme surrounding the occult.
  10. If they aren't full blown expansions, would you have a time frame on when the expansions would come?
  11. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Pillars 2, but did the end feel like it cut you short at all? I know thematically you were in a time crunch, what with Eothas ripping the wheel a new ****, but would anyone else liked to have actually explored Ukaizo? Unless they plan on making an expansion that takes you back there I'd be *a bit* disappointed.
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