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  1. Got to around level 8 on hard and restarted on PoTD because it was too easy. Now I'm around level 8 on PoTD and I'm choosing to take a break because it's too easy. The problem lies behind how ridiculously easy it is to just give Eder crazy high deflection and tank every mob in an encounter. Hopefully there can be some simple balance adjustments to make the game challenging again.
  2. The obvious tanking class is actually fighter. Once you learn how the engagement system works, you realize it translates to aggro, and the fighter can hold up to 4 at once, others are limited to 2.
  3. I can't tell if this is a troll post or not. So you are upset that POE made up their own ruleset and didn't just copy every other RPG ever made?
  4. Try a fighter tank with defender modal. The fighter can hold the largest number of enemies because the engagement system indirectly translates into aggro in this game. If your tank can "engage" and enemy, they won't run away from them as often. I'm only around level 7 but I've survived PoTD with only one tank and 4 total characters in my party, and I pretty much have my invincible fighter to thank for that.
  5. Just reached the big city (about 10 hours) on hard and have never had more than 4 companions. Eder (my tank) can basically stand still while I afk and naturally outheal everything he fights. All my other companions die in 2-3 hits. The game isn't forgiving of mistakes, but I'm not feeling very challenged at the moment. I keep considering re-rolling to PoTD, but my PoTD game is just a giant miss-fest as every spell or attack I use misses the enemy.
  6. Feature, not a bug. The tooltip will appear only for the character your hover your mouse over while pressing tab. IE mod = like in IE games Might make it optional down the road. Although didn't have any complaints about it so far. Don't know if it's possible, but if there was a way for tab to show all names except the gold plated ones (backers/un-important NPCs) or pets, that would be ideal.
  7. Is there a source for seeing what's been buffed or nerfed? Or are you just noticing as you play?
  8. I agree in principle, but not in practice. I started on PotD, because real men put the slider to the right. Enjoyed the difficulty for the first few hours, but when I found myself reloading for 90min just to kill a bunch of boars I realized the RNG was in control and I wasn't having fun anymore. Restarted in Hard. I think PotD is a great feature and I'll be sliding all the way to the right for my second play through. For now I want to role-play and enjoy the (so-far awesome) story. I stopped at that same point. You really have to master your knowledge of the core mechanics to pull
  9. You can play whatever party size you want. You only get +5% xp for each missing party member so you won't see huge experience benefits from smaller parties. Considering that lower difficulties hold fewer enemies per encounter, you can always lower the difficulty and play with small groups. Higher difficulties will remain difficult to control the flow of battle with small groups though. A Fighter can engage 4-5 enemies with the right talents, but if you try and use just 1 tank and it's not a fighter, it will engage 1 or 2 enemies and the rest will just run right past to your back line often
  10. As for changing companion appearance, surely we'll figure out some way to change sliders for things such as hair color, etc. It just sounds so simple.
  11. So can someone please confirm, that you can change the difficulty in-game? If so then hard it is, if I get demolished I can then switch to normal... You can switch between easy, normal, and hard at any time. If you choose Path of the Damned, you're locked in.
  12. So the manual is wrong? I would imagine this is referring to scripted events as opposed to dialogue events. For example, an unknown berry is found in a strange bush, the party member with the highest survival will be used to attempt to identify it.
  13. Oh that's wonderful! You sound like you already have an idea on how to do it. Do you know how long it will take to implement? And do you mean the next build of POE or the next build for the IE mod?
  14. Has any one figured out if there is a way to change the class of an NPC or more importantly, one of your companions? I'd love to turn Eder back into a Rogue.
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will be possible to change the class of a companion using mods or commands? I noticed a very extensive list of console commands over in the Backer Beta Discussion Thread, but nothing about changing a character's class. I was really hoping to use the original Eder as a Rogue so my PC can play the fighter role. Thanks in advance for any help!
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