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  1. Turn-based seems stable from what I can tell. Now, the systems aren't designed for it, so balance is slightly off compared to RTwP. Personally, it's off in ways that hew more to my preferences, so it isn't a big deal. In fact, turn-based is absolutely my preferred way of playing Deadfire.
  2. Did some testing on my own. Not the most scientific or thorough, but provides a rough idea I should think. I hit Eder 20 times with Penetrating Strike using my Crusader. I used Modwyr as my main-hand in both cases. For the bash shield I used Magran's Favor, and for the non-bash I used an exceptional round shield. Eder had legendary plate on, giving him AR 13, Crush 9. He also had Uncanny Luck. I counted all attacks, regardless of the outcome of the attack. Modwyr + Magran's Favor = 44.55 average damage over 20 Penetrating Strikes. Modwyr + Exceptional round shield = 37.65 ave
  3. I wanna jump on this and ask a follow-up: So Bash shields scale poorly. But are they worse than using a regular shield? (Considering the -35% damage full attacks incur)
  4. Doesn't... doesn't that just make Troubadour better than a Skald? I mean, I don't imagine you'll be getting enough crits to make up for double phrase generation, even with the extra cost Troubadour comes with. The AoE paralyze one: 2 phrases to a Skald. If you get lucky you can get it in one turn, but most likely, 2. Troubadour, always 2 turns, even with the 4 phrase cost. Seven Nights: 4 phrases to a Skald. You'll probably have this in 3 turns, but if you get unlucky, 4. Troubadour, always 3 turns, even with the 6 phrase cost. Seems to me like Troubadour is just plain better
  5. The title really. I'm about to start a new run, last time was just before BW. I think I want to play a Warcaller. The chanter side will be a skald, but I'm unsure about the fighter side. I'm thinking either Unbroken with a Bash shield and a sweet one handed weapon, maybe Mogwyr, maybe the BW warhammer, or maybe a saber. The other option is more subclass neutral and involves a big 2h weapon. No real preference as of now, though I like the kukri-like greatsword. Any suggestions for how they work in turn-based? I'm thinking the sword and shield Warcaller would work really well by just
  6. While Escape isn't necessary for the build, I would say it's really fun. And fun is important in builds. I'd say that you can skip Bear's Fortitude or Inspired Triumph for FoD. Mostly Bear's Fortitude tbh. I'm not a huge fan of the +10 Saves Abilities.
  7. I'm trying to add great swords to the list of weapons that are affected by the Fair Favor hat. I'm fairly certain I know how to do this. If I'm reading the information right, I have to add the great sword Keyword ID to the list of IDs under the "Attack Filter" section to the two relevant Status Effects. I've found where to add this information. But I don't have a clue where to find the Keyword ID for great swords. So, any help?
  8. If you're bothered by the roleplaying of a Bleak Walker, play a Darcozzi. It is the weakest subclass, sure, but it's plenty strong. The first character I finished the game with was a Darcozzi Crusader and he kicked so much ass with dual sabres. He couldn't die, he'd clear out encounters on his own, he could heal, he put down serious hurt against bosses, and Charge let him have fun with positioning in any encounter I wanted. Now, Charge was nerfed and is a bit less fun, but the positioning part of it is still excellent. So any teleport/jump ability would be just as good and fun. Escape is
  9. All these posts really should be in the Character Builds and Strategies forum. This forum is no spoilers, and that's usually considered to include item spoilers.
  10. I haven't played since the booze Free-LC, but I started up a new playthrough for Beast of Winter. I did notice a quest-breaking bug however. I can't complete the task "Iron Guts" in Dunnage because a quest item isn't for sale. Specifically, the Unripened Palm Stone that's supposed to be on sale by Birna. Now, I spoke to Birna before speaking to the booze merchant in Radiant Court and checked Birna's stock. I did have the Iron Guts task at that point. But no matter what, the Unripened Palm Stone just isn't for sale. Link to a save game here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zoczjvegyra
  11. I'm really confused how you're getting +5 PL with Lightning. Deltro's Cage provides +2, but you keep mentioning the Voulge, and as far as I can see it has no such effect. Its enchants provide 10% Lightning Strikes on Hit, Ball Lightning 1/day, its static shock thingy, Slash/Shock damage, and Superb. No Lightning PLs anywhere. Maybe it used to provide the PLs but they patched that out?
  12. She has no no Monk or Fighter subclasses, but she's a Streetfighter Rogue. That alone makes me lean towards making her a Shadowdancer. And obviously, she'll have to use Pukestabber in some way. It's just too fitting.
  13. I think there's a problem in how some topics are flagged in conversations with companions. I think the relationship penalty when disliked topics are raised gets applied to the player rather than to the conversation who raised it. The example that made me think this is happening: I had Aloth at relationship level 1. I had the conversation where Aloth says he admires how well I'm handling my responsibilities. Aloth had Xoti at relationship level 2. I did the Lantern of Gaun, pushing Xoti towards the light and having her give up her souls to an adra pillar. Specifically, the on in the E
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