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  1. In RTWP Ectopsychic Echo deals 7-13 crush every second for 10 seconds, for a total of 11 hits (or 11damage ticks) since it deals damage as soon as you cast it too. In turn based mode it deals 38-72 twice, as soon as you cast it and at the start of your next turn. And after doing the math I just realized they actually deal the same damage in turn based and RTWP, since their initial damage was so good I just assumed obsidian somehow screwed up. I mean Ectopsychic Echo deals 76-144 BASE damage and you learn it at level 5 I'm still going to keep playing with the nerf since I think
  2. I've read in a post that Obsidian is done fixing not gamebreaking bugs so I made a mod to cut in half Ray of fire (not the scroll spell), Ectopsychic echo and Ninagauth's Death Ray damage, that means if you play turn based they'll deal about the same damage they do in RTWP. IF YOU PLAY RTWP WITH THIS INSTALLED IT WILL JUST CUT IN HALF YOUR DAMAGE FOR NO GOOD REASON. I've only tried it for a couple battles and it seems to work fine. I'll keep adding uber beam spells I find as I play the game and maybe upload it to the nexus if nobody else makes something similar before. I think wall s
  3. Beam spells like "Ray of Fire", "Ectopsychic echo" and "Ninagauth's Death Ray" deal damage as you cast them and at the start of your next turn, this means they end up dealing double the displayed damage (and about double the damage they deal in Real Time With Pause). It's not so bad with Ray of Fire since it's pretty weak but Ectoposychic Echo and Ninagauth's death ray melt enemies dealing about 180 damage to multiple enemies with a power level 3/4 spell. I have only tried those 3 rays, I don't know what high level ray spells damage looks like Cutting their damage to half should balance t
  4. I started playing with this party and reached level6 yesterday, here is what I think of each party member: Kind wayfarer/Unbroken he doesn't have vigorous defense yet so he hasn't reach ridiculous defenses but he can keep himself alive with constant recovery and kind wayfarer heal procing twice per turn, I gave him the +fire acccuracy ring to help him land flames of devotion, his shield already hits like a wet noodle but for me its all about that second hit so I'm ok with that. I might switch to a dagger in the offhand or something later on. Stalker/Arcane trickster has good accuracy
  5. I've been following deadfire turn based beta since it came out and apparently its about to end this week. I've already finished the game on POTD a while ago but I ended up outleveling everything and I lost motivation to play the DLC. This time around I'll use a mod to reduce XP gain That said I have a few questions regarding my party: Are bashing shields any good now? I remember they didn't get any accuracy nor penetration from shield quality so they ended up lagging behind regular weapons after a while., I want to have a kind wayfarer paladin with magran's blessing to heal
  6. Whelp, maybe I'll give it a try this weekend then Thanks for the help
  7. I tried that but I get this when I try to compile, I'm probably doing something wrong since I can't into programming Care to make a step by step guide or upload the file with helms for godlikes enabled? https://imgur.com/a/Q2W8bSx In the guide it is stated that you have to comment that if block, and then remove/comment two additional lines, Those are your errors, if you click on them (red error mesages) you will be taken to proper places and then you can comment those lines out. After that compile works perfectly and enjoy helmets for Tekehu and Palegina! Ok, second try, I'm remo
  8. I tried that but I get this when I try to compile, I'm probably doing something wrong since I can't into programming Care to make a step by step guide or upload the file with helms for godlikes enabled? https://imgur.com/a/Q2W8bSx
  9. I've been looking for a way to unlock it too, in my last playthrough months ago I unlocked it for pallegina but I can't remember how
  10. Chanter: lightning breath is great, it has a long recovery but once you upgrade it it can shred groups. Alloths fireballs hit for about 2/3 of a lightning breath, is easier to aim and has a bigger AoE so I don't think its that broken. Priests devotions for the faithful is even more powerful than in the first game since it now buffs spell accuracy too. Not sure how OP these 2 since I'm on my first playthrough but they're certanly carrying my Skald, Fighter (tank), Ranger, Wizard and Priest party.
  11. Do Skalds/Barbarians get extra phrases from carnage crits?
  12. Does this still work? I tried editing companions in, out of the party and before recruiting them or loading their map but it always messed up their animations, made them dissappear or whatever.
  13. Quarterstaffs are translated as Pikes. There are a couple instances of duplicated text in dialogues (thank god they had voiceover) Found a few sentences that don't make sense unless you try and reverse engineer them (if you know some English and read a lot of translated stuff you know what I mean "Tu fiesta te espera arriba" that kind of stuff) It's solid considering they were on a budget but it has problems. I would play in English but it get tedious with so much text.
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