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  1. Omg how repressed can you be in your society? Dont even know where you live, and dont even want to know it! You are impressed that the game gives you an advantage for sleeping with a prostitute, but you are not impressed that the game gives you an advantage for... ... murdering people. Murdering people is bad, mmkay. ... sacrificing children. Sacrificing children is bad, mmkay. ... stealing their belongings to the townfolk. Stealing is bad, mmkay. And I am sure the more I play the game, the longer the list would go. But oh, it has sex on it, it must be repressed and I should get punished just by thinking about it. In which society or even century do you even live on???!!
  2. Chanter is by far the less attribute dependant class. Their chants currently do not get modified by stats (no, they do not linger more with more INT, it might be a bug), and summons are not modified by your stats either. So you can do whatever you want!! Assuming you max PER and RES for deflection since you want to tank; You only need MIG to do more damage with weapons and some incantations (no summons), so it will not happen very often in a fight, specially if you want to summon. If you are going to value high deflection, then you will want a shield, and therefor you will only attack with 1 hand weapon, not much damage anyways. And not much accuracy either. You only need DEX to attack faster with that weapon. You only need INT for incantation duration and AoE. So CON is not so bad, isnt it! It gives mental peace so you dont panic when an enemy has a lucky roll. I would suggest having a low DEX, and the rest is a little bit of preference. Giving that nuke a little more damage, or more duration, or having more health...
  3. Wow, such arrogance. No, I do not like your system. I much prefer the stats we have right now in the game, where all stats are somewhat useful to all classes. With your system, why have stats altogether if we will get the same cookie cutter builds? I hate that in most games. One of the best parts of Pillars of Eternity is that stat system. LEAVE IT
  4. Use 1 hand weapon, leaving the other hand free. That gives you a huge boost to accuracy with the main weapon. Since you are not a tank, you dont need a shield. And since focus gain depends on damage done, and not only on how many times you attack, you dont need to dual wield.
  5. Hey, I am running more or less the same main. I chose to roleplay a Human Paladin, even knowing that race is not too good. I chose 3 constitution, and buffed at max deflection too. It is risky as you say, but if you are careful, use it to offtank, and look at enemies precision, I think we should be ok. I got more might and dex, so I can go offensive later on if I want to.
  6. 18 hours, levels 4 and 3... But I have been reading a lot of the combat log, I like the combat system and wanted to know how it worked exactly, and how to build my character. The combat log is one of the things I most enjoy of the game, being able to KNOW what your abilities do for real, and see the debuffs being reflected in the rolls. Gives a great satisfaction when you blind someone.
  7. I like the mage. I have not tried druid nor cypher nor chanter, so maybe the problem is not the mage being bad, but those classes being too good? I would have not been able to kill Raedric without Aloth. The basic skill they have is pretty damn good, although it is boring to use. However, what gave me the win was the AoE cone of flame, it does so much damage! Those paladins had 10-12 DR, my poors paladin+fighter+ranger+barbarian were doing so little damage, like 5-10 per succesfull attack, and suddenly Aloth did 40 to all of them in one second. That turned the tides!! The problem with mage is that it is boring. In regular encounters, you dont use spells. In boss encounters where you are overleveled, you dont use debuffs and just nuke. In boss encounters where you are not overleveled and are challenging, you dont even remember what your spells do and you need to read them all again... xD But I think mages are good. Raedric would have been impossible without debuffing those monsters and without a damage spike when I had the chance (to only roast one of my guys while hitting all of the enemies).
  8. I always play games in english instead of spanish (my first language), since translations are terrible and you lose a lot of personality, expressions, etc. However, after trying both ways, I am playing the game in spanish and I am really surprised and thanksful about it. The translations are really good, they have been made with care, it is as if they had been translated by a RPG gamer itself, and educated one, and who had investigated about it before, AND is a native spanish speaker. (From Spain) I cant even imagine the effort this would take for all languages. If they had done it on purpose, I would like to express my gratitude! Really helps the immersion since it is heavy and difficult reading, I would be missing words in english. PS: However, the translations of skills/spells are terrible. "50 damage over 6 seconds" is not translated correctly at all, and it is really confusing. Really minor thing, since any RPG gamer knows what they mean more or less. I can look for those in a wiki or something, or even put it in english, read all skills, and put it back on spanish.
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