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  1. Graphic was maybe a downgrade but NWN is still the best game , because the editor and DM tool. Sadly it seems we will never again have something like that again
  2. I have played both Chanter and Cipher until the keep. And I am having hard time deciding which one to continue. The Chanter is a tank,buffer and summoner if needed. He has high might and res and good int. So fairly balanced for dialogue. The Cipher is kind of arcane duelist build. So far I have only one tank (Eder) so he doubles as off tank, which doesnt work very well. And his resolve is 10 so i am afraid i will lose some important dialogue choices. I plan to play one custom character , melee sneak attack rogue. The rest will be NPC party. What do you think will be more
  3. Well I made Chanter. I think the main character should be pinnacle of the group. Something that brings them together and Paladin feels to restricted with his story choices. But now I am considering Cipher .... Still I am asking myself. What class would fit best story wise ?
  4. Chanter, party leader and off tank. Is constitution important ? Chanter has low base health. And every point in constitution adds just little % to maxium ammount. 14 constitution would add 10% boost to health. So for example 100 would be 110. If your character is tanking and getting hit , i dont think this would make almost any difference. On other hand Chanter has high deflection. Boosting resolve to maximum and having heavy armor makes him much harder to hit. And makes much bigger impact than 10% more hitpoints. Splitting points between two , has diminishing return
  5. I read somewhere that any dialogue is checked against highest stat in the party ? Is this true? Do you get dialogue options based on stat of other member of party that has higher stat ?
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