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  1. For me it's easily the most interesting feature coming (hopping bird animations not withstanding), so I thought I'd get a hype thread going. Here's the vid with the most detail, for anyone who missed it. Obviously a lot we still don't know, and everything's still subject to change (and going by recent form, as much after release as before it). But probably fair to assume that the designers had the classes roughly where they wanted them by v3, so other than the tweaks necessary to suit them to a the multi-class system I doubt there will be much change, at least in terms of fundamental mecha
  2. Cheers, but alas I get the same problem. Of all those globals, only one was different from what you suggested (000_Hand_Atris_PC was at 0, I changed it to 1). No joy. Ah well, looks like I messed something up along the way. I had a few mods running that might've balls it up (USM, a few of the redone robes ones), else... who knows. Odd that nobody else appears to have had this problem, but there you go. On the bright side, by the time I muster the effort to play through it all again the Restoration Project may well be done and released. So the first time I get to see the ending it's com
  3. I already have all the gizka fixes, none of them address this issue. There's a fix for the glitch when sparring with HM and one for the dialogue bug the first time you reach the academy, but none for my problem, which is returning to telos after clearing all the planets and visiting the enclave oon dantooine (unless I'm suffering from some extraordinarily specific partial blindness and can't see it on the page ). I'm guessing HM is supposed to fight Atris, but atris is nowhere to be found.
  4. Hey all. I just recently got my hands on Kotor 2, buffed it up with the patch and all of team gizka's fixes and played through without any complaint until just now - on my return to the telos academy after clearing all the planets. I watch the cutscene where Handmaiden confronts her sisters, then I get control of HM and that's it - there's nobody in the whole academy, and I can't get on the Ebon Hawk. I'm guessing something's supposed to happen when you go into the meditation chamber, but there's nobody there in my game. The door locks behind me and I get stuck. I tried reloading a few gam
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