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  1. You could say that about everything in the game, but then why have a forum for suggestions? Better to bring it up to be sure.
  2. I was watching the Giantbomb gameplay video, and noticed that the dialogue options have a big button at the bottom denoted 'END CONVERSATION'. While this seems perfectly fine for actual talking, I notice it is also used when interacting with some objects in the environment (like lighting torches), at which point it seems out of place. I would suggest changing it to 'END DIALOGUE' as this can be interpreted as either spoken dialogue, or the simply the game's messages to the player via the same window (in the case of the lightning the torches example).
  3. Pillars of Eternity could be the name of the backers portal only, like "Ranger Center" for Wasteland 2. A good guess, but the screenshots indicate otherwise. "If you haven't backed Pillars of Eternity yet..." "Pillars of Eternity (Digital Download)..." Granted, the screenshots also say "Project Eternity" a whole bunch. Go fighting placeholders! Ah, thanks for that. Looks like Pillars of Eternity, indeed.
  4. I was just rewatching the video on the front page and noticed all the effort put into that logo with 'project' written on it, and thought it looked a bit goofy as it doesn't really sound like a proper title for a fantasy RPG. Just wondered when we're going to get the final title for the game? Eternity would seem appropriate!
  5. This all sounds great! First a question: How do the adventurers back at your Stronghold go on their own adventures? Do we just get an story from them and the items they acquired, or do we take full control of them and run their adventure? Finally, a suggestion: The way you describe it, it sounds like you are teleporting back/forth (game mechanic, not a spell) to your Stronghold a lot unless this is working in some other way. Would it be possible for random events/updates from the Stronghold coming you to via a messenger rather than just a pop-up message? Perhaps this messenger would depend on your class. For instance, A magic user might receive the message via an imp appearing in a puff of smoke with the message, a ranger via a raven or owl etc, a paladin via a squire (Thinking Monty Python's Holy Grail now...). It might also be a fun point to inject some character and humour in these one-off but functional NPCs.
  6. Well, er...not going to post it animated then? Seemed a bit of an odd thing to say while posting the same screenshot, and not the animated version you are teasing about!
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