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  1. Is the Familiar a Conjurer/Wizard summons still random? I can't make a character to find out till tomorrow (darn mandatoryupdates and limited internet data ;o; ) If yes, does anyone have any idea how I can mod/change this? I want to only have the wyrm/dragon thing.
  2. Do we have a cut off date/deadline for buying the addons like the figures or dlc?
  3. I had a 50% off coupon, which I used on the 40% off Overlord version, so it dropped it from $47 to $23
  4. Do we know if we can upgrade our pledges AFTER April 25th? I had to downgrade before the campaign ended and want to up it to the collectors edition + mini figures, but may not have the funds before May.
  5. I'm super excited about the relationship goal, I hope we get there. <3
  6. I'd buy a shirt, but the one I got with PoE1 was huge on me. ;_; Mans Small is still very large, so no shirt this time for me.
  7. At least in DAI they do take into account if she was killed in DAO, provided she isn't made divine.
  8. I'm not sure what they'll do regarding Eder, Aloth, or Pellegina's endings in PoE1, I'm just excited they're coming back! They were my favs and would have been the ones I'd pick if I'd gotten to choose.
  9. Make Aloth romanceable too and most of the fandom will be happy. (Myself included.) I wouldn't be able to pick if both Aloth and Eder were options. AND if they added Pellegina, imagine how happy they'd make us?
  10. Will people please stop molesting Eder! That's like asking Eder to stop petting any animal that gets within range!
  11. I def want romance in PoE2, though I'm not optimistic. They can't cater to everyone, so.. just make Eder romanceable and half the fandom will be happy.
  12. Can we upgrade our pledge later, like in March? Or once the campaign is done we can't change it aside from maybe adding things like shirts or figurines?
  13. My wishlist: let some of my the pets carryover (or at least have them somewhere ingame), specifically the wurms. also want to keep the ivory wurm figurine. This one is a long shot, but I'd also like romance to be added. I'm doubting it, but one can hope. Lastly, more personal references to our character's backstory. For instance, my main character is a former slave from Deadfire, so in a sense she'll be back on her home turf.
  14. I've played through the first town on my moon godlike wizard, former slave from old Vaillian. So far no one mentioned her godlike status. No one has mentioned her elven subrace. Slave background is brought up later, in the area that the beta took place in. I'm not there yet. Durance brought up her being a wizard when talking about firearms and stuff.
  15. I don't mind the map quality, it at least feels better than the one that came with Dragon Age Origins. It also smells slightly better, the DAO map smelled pretty bad.. I like the shirt though, even if it does attract cat fur. It even fits me! Normally game shirts don't come small enough to do that.
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