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Found 2 results

  1. 1. one touch command for party to consume food/drink consumables. 2. A macro that allows me to cast a pre-selected series of spells, so I can know my priest and mage and druid are getting that done and concentrate on the front line. (espeically with spell mastery, this got very annoying.) 3. Better late game firearm utility (sure this one will be fixed) 4. better high end light to medium armors (all the really cool stuff was plate.) 5. brace of pistols/dual wielding pistols (maybe confirmed by orlan on ship picture?) 6. more specific content for stealthily characters. those are my first thoughts. Game looks great!
  2. Here is my wish list for PoE 2. (A few updates to my original post...) The Talent System needs to be revamped. PoE featured too many awful talents that made little or no difference after you took them. The worst part of this problem is that some of these talents were then rendered worthless by gear. For instance why take Graceful Retreat (12 disengage defense) when there is in-game gear that will provide way more. PoTD implementation is a problem. PoTD should emphasize more enemy variety per encounter instead of loading up bosses with infinite HP and one-shot damage. This poor implementation led to Dragons that cannot be killed. Can the developers please play the game on PoTD - or at least try. No more random addition of immunities that unbalance the game. If you are going to implement immunities please balance the other talents in the game to accommodate them. Immunities rendered classes like the Barbarian (Threatening presence) and the Rogue weaker than intended in the original game. Immunities were a disaster in PoE Players should be rewarded for designing good character builds. Remove the over dependence of classes on gear to be viable. (Forgemaster Gloves I am looking at you). There is something fundamentally wrong with gear overshadowing good character creation. It takes away the pay-off players get from constructing characters After a trap is detected, there is no reason for companions to run into them. Bonus against traps should increase upon detection A single attribute like Resolve should not dominate when it comes to dialog options. A resolve of 18 in PoE was enough to get the PC through most of the dialog options. Dialog options should be distributed better among the attributes Six party members are too many in my opinion. Others may disagree There should be more opportunities for people to gain attribute points through questing. The three in PoE (heritage hill, Council of Stars, Skaen Temple) were not enough Per rest attribute bonuses are immersion breaking and frustrating. No one should have to trace their way out of a dungeon to reinstate attribute bonuses. Resting should give other benefits, but not attribute bonuses I personally like min maxing. i like to see what I can squeeze out of a build. There are those who do not like to play that way and that is fine as well. PoE 2 should pay off for both types of play style Let us customize companions from the start of the game. Do not give us random stat distribution NPCs to salvage from their miserable attributes (Sorry Pallegina...) Please figure out how I can spend my money as it accumulates. 200,000 pands and nothing to spend it on is insane. All classes should have natural regeneration of health, even if some classes have more than others. Natural regeneration should be upgrade-able with talents Be brave...let us experience some Divine level or epic gameplay. (Motb did just fine) Plan for expansions from the start including the maximum level cap and talents. Scaling an area up because the player's level is too high breaks the flow of the game and really is an odd way to implement an expansion The bounties seemed 'tacked on' to me. the XP gain for those missions did not match overall game balance I would like the level cap removed...but that's just my opinion
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