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  1. Is the Familiar a Conjurer/Wizard summons still random? I can't make a character to find out till tomorrow (darn mandatoryupdates and limited internet data ;o; ) If yes, does anyone have any idea how I can mod/change this? I want to only have the wyrm/dragon thing.
  2. Do we have a cut off date/deadline for buying the addons like the figures or dlc?
  3. I had a 50% off coupon, which I used on the 40% off Overlord version, so it dropped it from $47 to $23
  4. Do we know if we can upgrade our pledges AFTER April 25th? I had to downgrade before the campaign ended and want to up it to the collectors edition + mini figures, but may not have the funds before May.
  5. I'm super excited about the relationship goal, I hope we get there. <3
  6. I'd buy a shirt, but the one I got with PoE1 was huge on me. ;_; Mans Small is still very large, so no shirt this time for me.
  7. At least in DAI they do take into account if she was killed in DAO, provided she isn't made divine.
  8. I'm not sure what they'll do regarding Eder, Aloth, or Pellegina's endings in PoE1, I'm just excited they're coming back! They were my favs and would have been the ones I'd pick if I'd gotten to choose.
  9. Make Aloth romanceable too and most of the fandom will be happy. (Myself included.) I wouldn't be able to pick if both Aloth and Eder were options. AND if they added Pellegina, imagine how happy they'd make us?
  10. Will people please stop molesting Eder! That's like asking Eder to stop petting any animal that gets within range!
  11. I def want romance in PoE2, though I'm not optimistic. They can't cater to everyone, so.. just make Eder romanceable and half the fandom will be happy.
  12. Can we upgrade our pledge later, like in March? Or once the campaign is done we can't change it aside from maybe adding things like shirts or figurines?
  13. My wishlist: let some of my the pets carryover (or at least have them somewhere ingame), specifically the wurms. also want to keep the ivory wurm figurine. This one is a long shot, but I'd also like romance to be added. I'm doubting it, but one can hope. Lastly, more personal references to our character's backstory. For instance, my main character is a former slave from Deadfire, so in a sense she'll be back on her home turf.
  14. I've played through the first town on my moon godlike wizard, former slave from old Vaillian. So far no one mentioned her godlike status. No one has mentioned her elven subrace. Slave background is brought up later, in the area that the beta took place in. I'm not there yet. Durance brought up her being a wizard when talking about firearms and stuff.
  15. I don't mind the map quality, it at least feels better than the one that came with Dragon Age Origins. It also smells slightly better, the DAO map smelled pretty bad.. I like the shirt though, even if it does attract cat fur. It even fits me! Normally game shirts don't come small enough to do that.
  16. I received my physical goods on Saturday, no disc though, just the shirt/mouse pad/cards/map/box.. so I'd say it probably depends on where you live? Or something.
  17. I'm not too far in yet, just finished the temple of Eothas and headed out of town to the south too the meadows. I haven't come across any pistols yet from any bandits. I imagine if I can find the blacksmith's missing caravan he may stock some? Also~ this may be a bit too far ahead of things. But I'm also wondering on the location of St Guaram's Spark. I took a glance through the guide, but it doesn't seem to have locations of exact items?
  18. I'm so glad we can pre-load. I only have satellite for internet and our monthly cap is 25 GB, but we have unlimited between Midnight and 5am. With the discs not being shipped with the physical items it means I'd need to wait till non-peak hours to download, and I really didn't want to wait till the next day to play. (I'm also glad I finally got my dad to agree to satellite, before we had to use our cellphones data t and that was limited to 10GB a month period. Ugh. That was really horribad. No youtube, no hulu, no netflix, no downloading anything unless you spent forever at the library with their slow connection.)
  19. I mostly agree, while normally I wouldn't mind the "touch" based spells, I don't plan on being a melee mage type in this game. (cause why use a sword when I can have a pistol <3) Buffs don't quiet last long enough or cast fast enough for me to want to use them. I'm not sure how I'd like the spells to be fixed though. I understand that Wizards are suppose to be more like "BOOM" and "FIREY DEATH" then CC, but level 2 of the spells for instance doesn't have many damaging spells I'd like to take. I like to go with themes for what sort of spells someone would know, and level 2 has some fire, and corrosive damage but no shock or freeze, which is okay I guess? There just isn't any spell like particularly like in level 2. I do like the idea of getting more grimoire related skills in general though, especially some more damaging non-melee ones. Maybe a burst like ability that pushes things away from the caster or something.
  20. A few more Godlike portraits would be nice, currently only female Nature and female Fire have more than one portrait. I was actually considering commissioning a portrait or two once the game was out, since customizing/changing existing pictures is gonna be a pain for some races.
  21. I bet some modders can get something done once the game is out.
  22. I'm pretty sure it was Suikoden III that first got my mind fixed on female protagonists, I very much admired Chris and the achievement that a woman can get so much respect in 'a man's world'. Chris is one of my fav characters from that era of games! I simply adored her, she was my fav female character for a long while. She got replaced by KOS-MOS eventually, but she's till in my top 10. I finally settled on my first PoE character being a female Moon Godlike Wizard (former) Slave from Old Vailia. She'll spec in Shock and Freeze magic. I just need a good name for her and I'll be set.
  23. For the most part, I've only played games with female leads for the last 10 years or so? The only exceptions are Fire Emblem games, Tales of games, Suikoden games, and (unfortunately) Obsidian's own Stick of Truth, which I bought during the Steam Winter Sale without checking.
  24. Its not clipping.. more like an entire part of her arm is just outside of the armor. I guess that could be called clipping? I dunno. Her lower arm just kind of floats just outside of the glove, and isn't even connected very well to the hand. edit: I checked with the other female characters, and its the same for them as well. It looks like its a problem all the female bodies share.
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