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  1. Nice backstory. Although unnecessary, since some nomadic Pale Elf tribes migrate to the South of the Arquipelago during very harsh winters. Which would also give more opportunities for pirates to capture her, so it actualy works even better... Not really, since with 16 RES you are relatively safe against single foes, and if your enemy is too strong or there are many foes your survival will depend much more on your other party members, since it is only 1/encounter. And it is better spent dealing damage, since Rogues eventualy earn better 'oh #%@&!' abilities. Okay, I started ag
  2. Okay I've gone with: Arabella Female Pale Elf Deadfire Archipelago - Raider - my conceit for how a Pale Elf ended up in the Deadlier Archipelago is that she was captured young by pirates ) 10 MIG 08 CON 18 DEX 16 PER 10 INT 16 RES Blinding Strike (thought may be more useful in melee than crippling strike) Will see how this goes...
  3. Well, the OP has said he does not want to drop anything below 8 if possible. Indeed, and I certainly wouldn't want my character to have less than 8 INT, don't like the idea of my character being a moron...
  4. Wood elfs are not too good a race for a rogue that will be on melee most of the time, even if you open with guns. If you want an elf, Pale Elfs are always a solid pick. If you are willing to try other races, Island Aumana have great flexibility with the extra weapon slot, and can do some serious burst damage by quick switching guns. Hearth Orlans are also very good, since you will generaly want to flank foes with a Rogue anyway. For the attributs, I'd suggest droping Might a bit to invest into Perceotion and Dextery, since the bonus damage stacks additively, and sneak attack already gives yo
  5. After some internal debate (and questions here) about what class to play for my first proper game of Pillars of Eternity, now that 3.0 is out, and despite some warnings that it may not be the best class to play for an initial game, I think I'd like to play as a rogue, as this has been my favourite type of class to play in other cRPGs, but I'm not at all sure how to allocate my stats (apart from general recommendations in the character creation screens that Might and Dexterity are very import and Perception and Intellect are fairly important). I don't like to ultra min-max my characters in
  6. Playing as a Skaenite is great fun and makes for a great hybrid character. I wouldn't recommend it on a first playthrough though as their favored dispositions are Cruel and Deceptive with Benevolent and Aggressive being disfavored. Which means you're effectively playing as an evil character, something a lot of people don't really sit well with. Personally I'm all ok for it! I am such a terrible person... On the other hand, dispositions only affect Holy Radiance, so if you don't use it you can technically do anything you want. Though Holy Radiance does actually become quite powerful if
  7. Actually a Cipher could also be interesting, a bit like a Blade in BG perhaps? Less passive than a chanter? What would be a set of initial stats for a Cipher
  8. Okay, a chanter sounds quite interesting - what would be a good set of stats for one and race? Would prefer to RP a human, elf or Orlan
  9. BTW I will likely be taking the game's companions with me, so I guess the build ought to bear that in mind. No spoilers please, though!
  10. Hi - despite being one of the original Kickstarter Backers, I've barely actually played PoE yet - I played it a tiny bit when it first came out, and enjoyed it, but realised it was probably worth waiting for a few patches before investing in playing a full game, then I got distracted by other games (some BGEE, but mostly Europa Universalis IV...) Anyway, seems like it's pretty mature now, but I really have no idea what stats and skills would be good to take for for my first game, and don't want to get heavily into it and then realise my build was all wrong, so I was wondering if anyone cou
  11. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72554-hard-mode-is-too-easy/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1605937
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