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  1. I'm afraid my friend you get me wrong. No, those aren't lockpocking skills that allowed me to get everything. This "everything" is just littering whole world like rubbish. That's the issue no. 1 I had back then. I didn't need lockpocking at all to get much more consumables than I needed. Second issue is that there was no real reward, I was getting from lockpicking . It was simply the same shiFt that was lying everywhere around the "super secret lockers/rooms", just twice as much than from regular locker. That's what I was complaining about.
  2. Huh, thought about switching to hard... I see now this would change nothing :<
  3. So… in general the game is good. I would give it 7/10. Why 7? Mostly because of clunky gameplay, and here is the list of what was not much thinked about (or even overthinked at times). In short, it's another pillars game but in 3D. You became predictable, Obsidian. I play on normal difficulty. Thought, as it is the first choice without any useful feedback from the game (like if it is another Eternity system game or not), that's the best choice as I don't know the system yet. And that probably was the bad idea. The game is soooooo easy on normal… - I upgraded some guns on level 3-5 an
  4. Hello and thank you for the reply. I've created 2 output logs: - one in which you can see I load a bunch of new and "corrupted" savegames, then old working one, and then new and "corrupted" again - one in which I load a single "corrupted" savegame Both can be found right by the 7z pack with savegames - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1p76Q0FntS9MQloIR7nOySrKVhpJphn7X?usp=sharing but I'm attaching them too to this post, And here is a screenshot of the message I receive - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1393995016 In Output log there is a bunch of NullRefe
  5. I can't play even though I would really love to. My savegames stoped working after the last update. No response from the dev for over a week <3 I was just amazed how they replied last week to all those ****ty threads like 'two pixels are dark' and not to a critical, breaking progress bugz. I'm disappointed to the very bone....
  6. Tried to verify game files. Everything with the game files are ok. The savegames still won't work. No response here either.
  7. Oh great, devs answer to minor bugs and do not answer to the thread with savegames not working :3
  8. All last 7 savegames do not work, and some others too - https://drive.google.com/file/d/18mb-pYx3-D3lfAGyB9HYzmGEh0Fx_oRG/view?usp=sharing
  9. After the today's update my recent savegames (mostyly autosaves and quicksaves) do not work. The game backtracks to main menu showing info that it rejected the process to prevent my savegame from corruption. Where can I find my saves? I would like to do a copy of them. I see that you moved them from %appdata% :/
  10. But that was like "what did you think whan you do that to the slaves? Once more and I beat you!", when I never met any slave before.
  11. I was on my ship after a random fight on the sea right after solving problems on Hasongo (I lit the adra without killing naga). When the game loaded me to the ship (its interior area) after the fight, I started talking to my crew (Aloth's quest jumped to another stage (something about painting faces tribe), Xoti, Pallegina, Mia, Eder). Finally I've reached Serafen. He started yelling on me about "the case with slavery and slaves!". I was like, "hey, what just happened? did I move the quest with slavery somehow accidentally?". I've searched Journal and couldn't find the quest related. Whe
  12. Due to long loading after I enter loading screen I often Alt+tAb to see what's new in the web browser. It in 30-40% of cases causes a permanent freeze of the game, AND sometimes freeze of my whole system (I can ALT+CTRL +DEL but after the task manager opens I can't click anything. The annoying workaround is to ALT+CTRL+DEL and log user). Windows 10, 64 bit - added DxDiag to attachments If you wish to have a log after a freeze, let me know where I can find it. Can't find in LocalLow Freeze during loading - DxDiag.txt
  13. The whole area seems.. quite unpolished (like huge fps drop on the ground level, like barrels set with no sense, like save issue etc etc etc). When I was doing the quest once again (since my animal companion screwed with guards and loaded the game with companion already detected) I noticed that the companion started running to me when sailors were leaving their cell. It's not teleported dirwctly like I previously though.
  14. So, I'm in the middle of Blow the Man Down quest and when I opened a cell with Lamon'd crew right after sneaking there among half dozen of guards with my main character only, the game teleported my animal companion to me. Great, I love my beast, I really do! But just imagine problems I will have to sneak with it too. It's even better, now I see. When you load a savegame from the "arrest", guards are in the position from before loading the game - not from the time I did save the game.. Blowing up barrels or saving the game with animal companion detected blows up all my sneaking efforts...
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