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  1. for some reason the steam version of the game doesnt want to complete its download. i get to 16.9 of 18.8 Gigs and it freezes. ive tried switching steam servers ,as well as adding another game to the queue.. when i add another game, that one starts downloading fine.. however, when i go back to deadfire.. it never resumes downloading. i've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. same issue. it always gets stuck at 16.9 Gigs. thoughts?
  2. i echo most of the sentiments here.. though i would add: keep the developer commentary. keep the inventory system. that was really well put together. keep the camping supplies. i like that i have to plan for it. keep the stronghold. in fact, expand on it further. i also like that i have to read a lot of the text. its not all voiced. please consider keeping the game this way.
  3. I'm going to have to check it out. I first picked up D&D way back in 1977 (blue box - remember when Elf or Halfling was a class?), but haven't yet checked out Pathfinder or the new 5.0 edition. http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/gettingStarted.html
  4. sorry.. i dont want items that give me negative stats.. especially ones that remove 80% of my Endurance haha. i can understand the argument of wanting more interesting items.. but ill say it again.. this is not a gear centric game. i dont want the franchise turning into a diablo clone. the game should be about the story, the companions, and customizing the stats of your party to make the most bad ass party you can.. and this doesnt have to be done with gear exclusively.. yes, i want to have to make a decision on items.. and i want the ability to manipulate my characters stats with gear..
  5. what are you even talking about.. if you are trolling.. it worked because i replied.. but if you are serious... all i can say is... huh???? edit: and as for this game being "easy".. so im assuming you have a photo of your triple crown achievement and can post it right? no? thats what i thought.
  6. you make some fair points.. though i didnt see the "fetch" quests as much as you.. i saw a few "check on the caravan" quests or "get the parts to this item for me".. but i felt those quests had a purpose to them. thats just me. however, the real reason i wanted to comment is in regards to the engagement system.. i personally really like it. maybe its because i play pen and paper games a lot.. but i LOVE the fact that there is a bit of that system in a video game.. in fact.. i wish there was MORE of it. yes, its a bit to get used to in a video game.. but if you just think of it in pen an
  7. some stuff id like to see: an in game option (thats not "cheating") to respec the story companions.. they are great story wise.. but dont always give you the optimal spec.. id like it if we were given the OPTION to spec the way we want so we could still keep them in the party. more dragons. more keeps to take over / liberate. i really enjoyed the Lord Roedric quest line in Act 1. i'd like to see more of these in the expansion. more floors added to Od Nua. a crafting system that would allow us to craft new weapons, armor, helms, rings, etc..
  8. I just completed the game on normal difficulty. Here is my feedback: TL;DR: Pillars of Eternity is EXACTLY what i signed up for when i kickstarted the game. If you like reading, a good story, character creation, and the old school Baldur's Gate / Icewind Dale combat system..you will love Pillars of Eternity. LONGER VERSION: First, the Bad.. so just to be completely objective.. here are the issues i had with POE: pathing. one of the best examples i can give.. rest at the inn in Twin Elms. then try and exit the inn by simply clicking on the stairs button (i.e. dont mo
  9. 5/5. i love pretty much all of it.. the only issue i have is the pathing. otherwise this is exactly the game i expected when i kickstarted it.
  10. you obviously havent looked at the merchants in twin elms.. you can get everything you need through those.. also if you search the markets in the towns around the world.. they will have the ingredients you need.. even things like Dragon Eggs/Meat.
  11. my one request regarding VO.. if an NPC is voiced.. make them FULLY voiced.. dont voice it through only part of the dialogue. edit: i would also NOT be against removing VO COMPLETELY. there used to be this thing called reading in a video game. i like that games like this are bringing a return of that. if you want fully voiced over characters.. there are plenty of other games that do that.. let these games be different.
  12. since this is a single player game i really dont want ANY class nerfed. what i would prefer is a buff to other classes to make them more aligned with the "overpowered" classes and a buff in challenge on mobs to compensate. that being said.. i like the cipher a lot. its quite a change from wizard/druid, and it puts an interesting twist on spell mechanics. i dont want the cipher to turn into wizard/druid 3.0.. i want it to feel unique. and nerfing the focus would, IMO, turn the class into just another wizard/druid reskin. also, you should be able to cast your top level spell when you ent
  13. for me its sagani saying "Ichimok, leave the pig alone!" it was fine the first couple times.. but for me, it happens almost every time they leave a building.
  14. i am enjoying the game and am REALLY glad i backed it. i can see myself doing a ton of playthroughs. i might even do path of the damned at some point. to be fair though.. there ARE some things that could use improving: that pathing.. seriously, how many times did you direct your guy to attack an enemy and they started playing ring around rosey on the map for 5 min before stopping and finally attacking. its actually kind of hilarious when the AI does it sorting at shops.. there is none. yes, you can click on various icons and stuff gets HIGHLIGHTED (i.e. click on the armor butt
  15. and a giant T-800 as the last boss. REALLY?? as for ME3.. i enjoyed all but the ending.. and it was mostly because of the following.. which i believe can be objectively shown... our decisions from the first two games meant NOTHING.. it came down to a red/green/blue choice given by an AI in the form of a human child. if you think i am wrong, please cite TWO separate examples where our previous choices mattered AT ALL to the ending.. you cant. otherwise, the ending isnt THAT bad.. but it still ended up being underwhelming because in the end the previous 2 games mind as well not ha
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