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  1. I ignore enchanting mostly because you can't make anything unique out of it. Want a rod with the speed modifier, a crushing lash, and can prone on crits but with reduced crit damage? Too bad. Perhaps kickstarter backers will create that sort of item in the future. The issue I have with the current system is that all the unique enchantments are reserved for specially made items from kickstarter backers and/or items with unique lore attached to it because "unique = one of a kind." Would I be more into enchanting if many if not all the modifiers are available? Yes, absolutely.
  2. Are you on the 17th day of the month (e.g. 17 Fonprima when you mouse over the time at the bottom of the screen) or on Day 17 of the game (i.e. what is shown on your saved game)? I ask because the Gloves were only there on the former, and I made the mistake at first of thinking it was the latter. It's day 17 on the center clock thing in the UI. This is on the first month too.
  3. I suspect the location or something has changed since the 1.05 patch because on day 17, the gloves are no longer there--at least for me. Could someone else test this out?
  4. I don't see Sagani dealing 20 additional damage per attack. Is it safe to assume that it's more like +2 damage per attack but a bug occured and added an extra 0 to the end in the description?
  5. I thought something was weird, but now I'm certain of it: after using an ability in combat, characters that were auto-attacking do not resume attacking. I tested this out on my wizard by using arcane assault and he just stops and waits for the next command instead of resuming auto-attacks.
  6. *Sigh* Level two wizard spells are still lacking in terms of offensive power, but the change to concelhaut's is a good start. I wouldn't mind seeing it's ranged increased to at least 8m though. I love me some medium/long ranged spells
  7. When the party is about to exit to a new map and the player clicks on the dialogue icon next in a companion's portrait, the companion's dialogue menu will appear. After that, the party continues moving and the entire party can end up transitioning to a new map with the same dialogue menu stuck in place and cannot be closed. Also, this causes the dialogue icon to remain on the companion portrait. Steps to reproduce: Start at an inn or interior building. Make sure the player character is positioned next to a companion with a dialogue event in the party formation window. Make sure a companio
  8. Finally, spell holding changes make a ton of sense!
  9. Aloth or another wizard with a carefully aimed fan of flames can solve many of your shade/shadow based problems.
  10. So I tried a different method and I think this might work: I killed Osyra Rested once Got the dream about Durance Spoke with him about the Godhammer Rested a second time Walked through the secret passage Different loot from previous time I'm going to do some more testing later this evening.
  11. When I try to use the secret shortcut, she ends up turning hostile and attacking me. Is that normal?
  12. Wizard. Only because I've played spellcaster types and I love being able to make things explode while purely dealing tremendous amounts of AoE damage. The irony of this statement is that I expected the wizard to do this without researching DnD properly and found out that DnD wizards are more crowd control than pure AoE damage. Still, a change in pace and playstyle is always nice and though I find the wizard to be a bit on the OP side at the later levels, I think it's fun. Imo, it would be more fun if the wizard had a balanced early level and balanced late level experience.
  13. I suggested basically something like this in a previous post of mine. However, a response that caught me off guard was basically that having per encounter spells of each level would mean the player would have to select one particular spell. In turn, this would harm the wizard's best strength: versatility. I think I would probably make a different suggestion from OP by saying that at level 6, casting arcane assault will grant the wizard a combat only level one spell use. Every three levels after that, arcane assault will add another spell level. That way, by level 12, a wizard will potentia
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