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  1. ive been playing for about 4 weeks now and find it very hard to progress in the game, I get to a certain point, im level 4 and I just get wiped out in a very fight im involved in, ive tried different things but get no where, im obviously doing something wrong but cant figure it out, im a druid, ive got a fighter, wizard,priest, and another druid with me, one of the things is my fighter always gets wiped out first, once he has gone, that's it, I get wiped out
  2. I cant play pillars, steam wont let me log in,been trying for 4 hours
  3. if someone has the time, could they please advise the best Priest spells,thankyou
  4. This game is hard to follow, I played BG 1 and 2 but in this game, when my priest or wizard cast spells, nothing happens, they just run into a fight using there weapons and get eliminated, this is really crap, totally pissing me off
  5. could someone guide me how to use kana and his chants, I cant work it out, how to cast a chant
  6. I have a party of four and im at Cad nua, I cant kill the phantoms and shadow,help please
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