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  1. Taluntain's staff isn't giving anyone the ability to cast fireballs Other spellbinds seem to be giving per rest abilities - I thought the patch made them per encounter. God bless, james
  2. You could turn them into talents that have a % chance to turn a hit into a graze, and a graze into a miss. That way they would do things even on low defence characters.
  3. Claims to only be effecting enemies (in its cool blurb), but it sure is hitting my guys! Please can it go to a foe only AOE? Thanks
  4. Umm, that really felt like a spoiler, even if a minor one. please don't post it without putting it in a spoiler box... It genuinely makes me sad when I read about upcoming quests before getting there. No worries, just try not to do it.
  5. Eder has the unbending symbol by him permanently. It says Grazes x0.5... It seems to have been stuck on after a fight, and it will not switch off - even after saving and reloading. I haven't yet checked if the effect is permanently on him or not, it might be. Hope this helps output_log.txt
  6. Has no water in the bowl, though it has water leaving the bowl. If I cast withdraw on a spirit shifted druid, he stops being invisible when he shifts back to normal (before withdraw wears off)
  7. So the issue is that at level 9 all your 1st level spells become per encounter... this is a huge jump in power. Moreover at level 11 all your 2nd level spells become per encounter... one caster has 8 spells he cast cast almost non-stop - meaning the current system can trivialise combat at higher levels... I believe the issue is not limited to wizards, as it seems that druids and priests get this buff. We could scrap the per encounter spells all together - however this is less fun for casters, having to much a reliance on resting... we could keep the current system, with its problems (and potential issues in the future -at level 15 all 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th level spells per encounter anyone? That's what should happen extrapolating the current system) - or we need to find some way of changing the casters. This is what I am suggesting; one possiable way of changing them which is fun, and not overpowered (Subject to discussion) The arcane assault idea is interesting, and would require priests and druids "encounter casts" to become tied to their radiance and spirit-shift respectively. I don't know if that is fun or fiddly, but it's certainly worth investigating. Lets see what this looks like: One Spell Per 3 levels; spell level rising. Level 3 - One spell per encounter (One 1st level spell) Level 6 - Two spells per encounter (One 1st & one 2nd level spell) Level 9 - Three spell per encounter (One 1st, one 2nd & one 3rd level spell) Level 12 - Four spells per encounter (One 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd & one 4th level spell) That is what I would like to see. I don't think the power gain is too sharp and I think having a variety of per encounter spells is fun. However having higher level spells as per encounter spells might bee too good. A few of ways to offset this come to mind. 1) Starting the progression later, 2) Having a couple of the spells stack at each level before getting two the next spell tier... eg: (not actually a spoiler) This might be more balanced, I'd just prefer throwing around more "big spells" more frequently... I don't prefer trivialising combat, so this could be the way to go. Assuming this is more balanced than a per encounter 4th level spell seems reasonable - but might not be. It's certainly is less powerful, yet if I just want to cast my bigger spells I can rest a reasonable amount (even on hard)... having higher level spells per encounter, as long as they are not game breaking, means less resting between a caster (in my case my wizard) being fun. I'll look at one final progression - once per 4 levels: One Spell Per 4 levels; spell level rising. Level 4 - One spell per encounter (One 1st level spell) Level 8 - Two spells per encounter (One 1st & one 2nd level spell) Level 12 - Three spell per encounter (One 1st, one 2nd & one 3rd level spell) I guess this is the super cautious approach. It's enough spells to make casters meaningful in every encounter (Durance always has a withdraw to save me in a pinch! Woot!), but doesn't risk spells becoming two over powering (quadratic casters?)... even at high levels. It is the lower half of your spells known that have One spell being per encounter. At 20th level this means you could be casting 5th level spells every fight - but you have 10th level spells... which should massively outshine them when needed! Gah! I think I've talked myself into liking this progression best... I still get lots of cool toys, I can be relevant in every fight, but don't feel I can cake walk anything or that I'm able to frequently cast my highest level spells without cost. Yup, this is a progression I would be very happy to see in the game!
  8. TL/DR: I think giving casters one spell "per encounter" every three levels would be cool, and not overpowered. <Edit: in a later post I talk myself round too one spell per 4 levels... look for the green.> It's been mentioned before that there is an odd disjoint in the power level of casters (Clerics, Druids and Wizards). Notably at 9th level all their 1st level spells become per encounter (and similarly their 2nd level spells become 'per encounter' at 11th level). I, and some others, think that a more gradual unlocking of 'per encounter' spells would be good for the game. Given patch 1.05 will partly address balance issues I believe it isn't unreasonable to expect that some update to "per encounter" spells, and the rate they are acquired, may be implemented. Thus I wanted to discuss (& suggest) rates of 'per encounter' spell acquisition,So here we go... Classes seems to be designed around a two level cycle: Every two levels you get a class related ability (for casters this is access to a new level of spells), and one talent. This pattern lends itself to gaining 'once per encounter' spell slots every two levels. I personally feel this could be too powerful (or too dull). Why? I'd like my per encounter spells to increase in their spell level - so at this rate by level 9 I'd have have 4 per encounter spells, and they'd either all be level one (quite dull) or they would be from different levels; a level one, two, three and four spell... which means I would feel significantly more powerful than the current 9th level caster. This pattern also steps on some of the Cypher's toes (kicking out their most powerful abilities every encounter), and leaves only the most powerful spells a truly limited resource. Still this might be ok (say combined with a reduction in maximum spells cast per level from 4 to 3). I favour a less powerful approach, of having one spell being made per encounter every 3 levels. While this breaks the "every two levels" aspect of levelling, it does gain me cool abilities at a rate that isn't too slow, and doesn't outdo the other classes. This progression seems like it would really shine past 12th level - not overloading casters with too many per encounter abilities, but giving them enough to cast spells in "easy fights" without cost. OK, what are your thoughts?
  9. Just entered the Dryford Ruins, and the game is really jerky when scrolling through the map - never been like this before. Saving, quitting and reloading does not make a difference. Additionally cast charm animal and the cosmetic effect reapplied itself till there was a pillar of shining light and the game slowed down. Could not repeat the problem.
  10. Simply when using swift strikes and lightning strikes the amount of damage dealt as shock damage seems lower than 10%... e.g. 14 damage dealt (rounded), looking this up it seems it was split 13.5 physical and 0.4 shock damage... 0.4 is 10% of 4 damage... not 10% of 13.5... there seems to be some error in the maths somewhere.
  11. The beetle copse is in other indoor areas, the wailing banshee for one.
  12. Eder and I E: "Redecerers... why did he fight for redeceres?" Me: "I don't know." E "Either do I" Eder responds EITHER do I, not NEITHER do I
  13. Tower level 2 (defiance bay) i summoned a wood beatle, and it died... On tower level 3 the corpse of the wood beatle is present. I have a picture... but cant see how to attach it - annoying
  14. So play to the spells strengths: It shoots three missiles vs Deflection that do crush damage... the spell feels lacklustre in two main circumstances (in my opinion) 1) Against high Defence foes; misses and grazes aren't fun. 2) Against highly armoured foes; lots of small damage results in very little against DR 15... So for it to be awesome you need to play around with it: 0 - All spell attacks benefit greatly from eldritch aim, your level 9 so can cast it every fight! 1 - multi hit attacks are very good if you have combusting wounds cast on your foes - all the hits are causing an extra instance of burn damage... 2 - multi hit attacks are good with merciless gaze (15% chance turn hit's to crits) - great to cast then go to town with many missiles! 3 - multi hit attacks are great with DR reduction - use after a chanter lowers the DR of your foes, or after you've used expose vulnerabilities. You don't have to use all of these tricks, but knowing what the spell does and how to best utilise it makes it super cool... yeah it's not devastating by itself, but you can cast other (super useful) spells and abilities that turn it into a much stronger spell! Have fun missilizzzzing people!
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