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  1. I ignore enchanting mostly because you can't make anything unique out of it. Want a rod with the speed modifier, a crushing lash, and can prone on crits but with reduced crit damage? Too bad. Perhaps kickstarter backers will create that sort of item in the future. The issue I have with the current system is that all the unique enchantments are reserved for specially made items from kickstarter backers and/or items with unique lore attached to it because "unique = one of a kind." Would I be more into enchanting if many if not all the modifiers are available? Yes, absolutely.
  2. Are you on the 17th day of the month (e.g. 17 Fonprima when you mouse over the time at the bottom of the screen) or on Day 17 of the game (i.e. what is shown on your saved game)? I ask because the Gloves were only there on the former, and I made the mistake at first of thinking it was the latter. It's day 17 on the center clock thing in the UI. This is on the first month too.
  3. I suspect the location or something has changed since the 1.05 patch because on day 17, the gloves are no longer there--at least for me. Could someone else test this out?
  4. I don't see Sagani dealing 20 additional damage per attack. Is it safe to assume that it's more like +2 damage per attack but a bug occured and added an extra 0 to the end in the description?
  5. I thought something was weird, but now I'm certain of it: after using an ability in combat, characters that were auto-attacking do not resume attacking. I tested this out on my wizard by using arcane assault and he just stops and waits for the next command instead of resuming auto-attacks.
  6. *Sigh* Level two wizard spells are still lacking in terms of offensive power, but the change to concelhaut's is a good start. I wouldn't mind seeing it's ranged increased to at least 8m though. I love me some medium/long ranged spells
  7. When the party is about to exit to a new map and the player clicks on the dialogue icon next in a companion's portrait, the companion's dialogue menu will appear. After that, the party continues moving and the entire party can end up transitioning to a new map with the same dialogue menu stuck in place and cannot be closed. Also, this causes the dialogue icon to remain on the companion portrait. Steps to reproduce: Start at an inn or interior building. Make sure the player character is positioned next to a companion with a dialogue event in the party formation window. Make sure a companion has some sort of conversation dialogue/quest available. Click to exit to the next map/town/zone that the inn/interior is located. Just as the party is about to reach the exit point, click on the quest dialogue icon. You should end up talking to the companion and exiting the map at the same time. The new map loads up and the companion's quest dialogue menu will appear but can't be interacted with. It also cannot close at all.
  8. Finally, spell holding changes make a ton of sense!
  9. Aloth or another wizard with a carefully aimed fan of flames can solve many of your shade/shadow based problems.
  10. So I tried a different method and I think this might work: I killed Osyra Rested once Got the dream about Durance Spoke with him about the Godhammer Rested a second time Walked through the secret passage Different loot from previous time I'm going to do some more testing later this evening.
  11. When I try to use the secret shortcut, she ends up turning hostile and attacking me. Is that normal?
  12. Wizard. Only because I've played spellcaster types and I love being able to make things explode while purely dealing tremendous amounts of AoE damage. The irony of this statement is that I expected the wizard to do this without researching DnD properly and found out that DnD wizards are more crowd control than pure AoE damage. Still, a change in pace and playstyle is always nice and though I find the wizard to be a bit on the OP side at the later levels, I think it's fun. Imo, it would be more fun if the wizard had a balanced early level and balanced late level experience.
  13. I suggested basically something like this in a previous post of mine. However, a response that caught me off guard was basically that having per encounter spells of each level would mean the player would have to select one particular spell. In turn, this would harm the wizard's best strength: versatility. I think I would probably make a different suggestion from OP by saying that at level 6, casting arcane assault will grant the wizard a combat only level one spell use. Every three levels after that, arcane assault will add another spell level. That way, by level 12, a wizard will potentially get six combat only spell uses across three spell levels.
  14. Since the patch, my wizard stopped casting spells mid-cast and resets to a different state. Here's the dropbox link to the zip folder containing the save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26512651/Bugged%20Wizard%20quicksave.zip
  15. I'm going to have to say that I heavily disagree with OP on the subject that Wizards are too weak. Sure, the damage might not be crazy stupid high, but wizards are powerful enough as it is and I'm hoping patch 1.05 will address that.
  16. I never used the spirit lance before, it's basically a close range weapon like the leaching staff, right?
  17. That's a really cool idea gradually introducing per encounter casts. However, at max level, that's still a base 10 casts per encounter which is, imo, too much.
  18. I cleaned your post up so I could better respond 1. I think this was a lore/design decision. Personally, I wouldn't mind if staves granted more spell casts but less spell choices and added their range bonuses to all non-touch spell ranges. That'd be pretty cool to use the staves as a sort of specialized weapon for specific spells. Example: Grimoires allow for a base 4 casts with 4 spells, why not have staves allow for a base 8 casts with 2 spells in addition to adding their reach bonus to the spells? 2. Yeah, coming from other RPGs, this is what really confused me in the beginning. It's not as bad now, but still I find it irritating that there's effectively no easy to distinguish domains/specializations. 3. I was never found of some guy carrying a magic book, but that's the lore and that's how it goes 4. Wizard has tons of crowd control and damage, but I get your point that some of the design seems counterintuitive. 5. Never had much of a problem since the spells would be active only during combat. 6. That's never been a problem for me, I tend to pause a lot during combat and I enjoy doing so. 7. Never fully played a classic IE game, can't comment on that. The best I could do was 2 hours and even then, there were a ton of usability issues that turned me off from them a long time ago. 8. That's true, some are really small, others are really large, but I think a large amount of variety is good. I never encountered too many problems with "small" AoEs in general. 9. That level four teleporting ability is helpful. Other than that, confuse helps out too. 10. Absolutely. However, I suspect the spells were made that way to prevent wizards from being godly soloists. 12. I always assumed the use of scrolls allowed casters and other classes access to certain spells and therefore, do things they normally couldn't do but at a limited amount. 13. That's really puzzling. I think they wanted anyone to be able to wield any weapon and play however they want. Heh, as if that ever works incredibly well in the long run. 14. That can be avoided by paying close attention and making sure they don't chase other enemies until spells are done casting. 15. From what I've experienced, there are about 2-3 chants for each class. However, hearing the chants can get really irritating and the existence of chants feels very campy/cheesy to me.
  19. Slicken's prone duration lasts 0 seconds when cast. Oddly enough, it only affected me today.
  20. The sabre called "Resolution" can be found on an enemy black slime in level 4. Take it and place it on the statue's hand to reveal the wall. You can also retrieve the sabre after you're done with the room(s) there. Currently, there's a small bug where you could end up getting a second copy of Resolution.
  21. That is a whole slew of problems that I didn't think of. The first thing that came to my mind was to suggest a resource system, but given the DnD influence, I believed that would be met with almost universal (and very vocal) negativity. I don't have much experience with the DnD systems, so what do you think is a more elegant approach? Could spell scaling work with such a system and not be overpowered?
  22. This whole time I assumed that the agents in the house were merely low level agents who weren't ciphers. When Webb mentioned she lost four ciphers trying to infiltrate the Leaden Key, I interpreted it that it was a big deal losing ciphers and that she meant ciphers were top level agents. Even so, if they were all Ciphers, wouldn't it have made sense to detect the mob far away and at least try to evacuate?
  23. When placing the sabre "Resolution" found in level 4 of Od Nua onto the statue of the Erl of Yenwood in level 3, the sword is never removed from the inventory/equipment. As a result, when the player selects the option to remove the sword from the statue, the player will gain a second copy of Resolution.
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