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  1. Is there any workaround? I've lost 2 characters to the bug and leveling up a 3rd is not THAT exciting anymore Any kind of DEV-feedback would be great
  2. Got the same problem (and some others, as you can read in my inifite-exp loop thread). Todays patch didn't help. http://www.file-upload.net/download-10479310/data.zip.html
  3. They already have my savegame. The only change is 1.0.3, wich didn't help with the problem. So far... no new savegame necessary, aye? Additional info: Problem remains with todays patch.
  4. Sadly i can still reproduce the bug with 1.0.3. If you need the current savegame, show me a sign ;-)
  5. Another character, another ruined savegame. Been able to reproduce the bug with a fresh character. Sadly i still can't figure out, what the trigger is.
  6. You already know, that the text box itself can be modified ingame? Hover your mouse icon on the borders until it changes and voila!
  7. Same problem here, but atm only with one of my two characters. Did you build something with a rest bonus too? I first encountered that bug, after I build my Warden's Lodge.
  8. While trying to avoid ending quests, i ended up preparing a few bounties (from my warden's lodge). I've been able to kill most of the monsters, but they didn't really die. They lost all of their health, became untargetable, but kept throwing spells and pounding my heroes to death. I tried several monster groups right after the savegame already delivered... in 90% i've been able to create at least one of those "ghost monsters".
  9. I've had a similar problem. But i'm quite sure, that i've casted "Flame Sword" with my druid hireling and her original weapon disappeared after that. Since Kana doesn't have a "summon weapon" chant, it's possibly not related. Still.. another input on a disappearing weapon )
  10. Same problem here. I'm still unsure, if they protected my tax income anyway since i've lost quite a sum to the bandits.
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