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  1. With Console Commands, yes. i.e. AddTalent Player_New_Game(Clone)_0 tln_Weapon_And_Shield RemoveTalent Player_New_Game(Clone)_0 tln_Weapon_And_Shield
  2. Well...nevermind. I have fixed it myself by removing and re-adding the talent.
  3. Hello there! I just ran into another problem: My char is lvl a lvl 12 paladin using sword/battle-axe and buckler and i gave him the Weapon and Shield talent, which is supposed to add +6 deflection and add the deflection bonus of the shield to reflex as well. Example for the skill working as intended: Using the Outworn Buckler upgraded to Exceptional ( + 8 Def + 8 Def(excecptional) + 6 Def (from Weapon and Shield) + 5 Def (from Herald)= + 27 Deflection -Withouth Shield: 70 Deflection and 77 Reflex on Char -Outworn Buckler equipped: 97 Deflection and 104 Reflex, both values
  4. I'm having the same problem. The Frightened Villager is not to be found inside of the Celestial Sapling.
  5. Hello there! I wanted to show you the (minor) issues i've had so far after patch 1.03: 1. Unable to upgrade armor sets to exceptional: I have the Sun Touched Mail of Hyran Rath on Éder and Äru-Brekr on Kana, both chars are lvl 8, I have all the ingredients and there's still open slots ( 0/1 Quality Enchantments and 8/12 "anvil"-points, don't know what to call them) on both pieces of armor but i cannot enchant them since the game tells me, that they already have the maximum number of enchantments which is clearly not true. (I tried to attach a screenshot.....but this forum just won't
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