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  1. I ended going with rogue as well. At normal difficulty, I don't think it really mattered. I went high resolve and perception to pump up his deflection as much as possible. I also have Eder and a custom paladin to do most of the tanking. With the Grieving Mother always providing a flanking bonus, I can pretty safely just go one on one with a target ,especially with a priest to provide healing just in case. I've gone with a single handed rapier and my second set is with a pistol, which is what I open up battles with. I shoot once, let my tanks engage and then charge anyone that's kin
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Pity you can't leech abilities from other classes. A fighter or paladin that could use the rogue riposte ability would have been perfect!
  3. I'm looking forward to getting the game this weekend. I'm more interested in the RP aspect so am not concerned with having a min-maxed character. Rather, I'm looking to see if a concept is at least viable. What I'd like to play is a swashbucklery fencer type character who is charismatic/diplomatic. During combat situations, I'm not necessarily interested in having him be high DPS or a tanking machine. If all he does is lock down a single foe for the combat while the rest of the party deals with everything else, I'm pretty fine with that. My first thought was to go with rogue, bu
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