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  1. proper threads for stuff often get ignored, e.g. i made this (and several others) and got silence: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75293-please-patch-infinite-repulsing-seal-exploit/ or like i made a nice thread where i figured out the exact details of a bug with deflection and hp calculations, which i know would be easy to fix (i have game programming, testing, debugging, etc, experience) and nothing happens. that's why i haven't bothered making a thread about disappearing items that were on characters who died. because by and large it looks like no one cares and i will mostly be ignor
  2. ugh i just found, many quests later, that if i go back to woodend plains a LOT of my gear disappears. it seems like every item worn by someone who died on that map disappears if i go back there. (4 characters died there a few levels back. i picked up all their stuff and hired 4 new characters from the inn, cuz i'm playing combat like trial of iron and have maiming off, i'm just reloading for bugs and out of combat tests like seeing what a dialog option does or if stealing something causes a reputation loss). i think hardly anyone found this bug because they reload if their character dies,
  3. i'm really confused about accuracy. i've been watching the accuracy on my mage using kakloth's minor blights and i keep attacking with different accuracies, none of which ever seem to be the value i expect from trying to calculate it myself. i think there are multiple issues here including probably: - off by 1 sometimes - some accuracy bonuses not working right at all times (likely candidates: wood elf racial, weapon focus or priest blessing) - some enemy debuffs that are not listened anywhere. (when fighting the Dweller for example i was attacking with a LOT less accuracy than expected.
  4. i found out how to re-add 3 of my problem items: AddItem cloak_of_protection_minor 1 AddItem stiletto_backer_oidhreacht 1 AddItem pistol_backer_forgiveness 1 can anyone please figure out how to create a saint's war armor with console? the one from edar. it's such an irreplaceable item. here is all the names from the directory where i found the other 3: http://pastebin.com/kvEf0YwZ EDIT: AddItem scale_armor_eder 1 lol i was searching for "edar" so i couldn't find it. well at least i can fix my game now.
  5. oh man my second chance armor is gone too. it's all the unique items the priest was using when she died. EDIT: oh and i got a missing minor cloak of protection. i guess it isn't unique items. but my dual wield fine stiletto is ok, maybe for being in the secondary slot
  6. yes dissmiss+recruit fixes. i got through the guls at raedric's by keeping my main out of the fight (WAY out, their thing has long range) and then fixing the other people after. So the player character is totally screwed if he's got the buff? yes (((((((( i don't get how this is ignored for the new patch so far.
  7. well, the important thing is to figure out what is being multiplied by 1.2 or if it's just not using the number in the tooltip at all. you can't really compare 1.2 with 1.5 without knowing 1.2x or 1.5x OF WHAT? the item seems to be bugged, not a balance issue. my guess is it should give 20% more of the BASE (10 int) radius, but currently gives less than that due to a bug.
  8. yes dissmiss+recruit fixes. i got through the guls at raedric's by keeping my main out of the fight (WAY out, their thing has long range) and then fixing the other people after.
  9. here is my +1 weapon aunama like half the time: http://puu.sh/hbw8R/2eda0ccd79.png hiding them on a companion at the stronghold does protect my weapons from evaporation when traveling to dryford crossing. yay i can clear the map with backup weapons... :/ and i did some testing of unsafe zones: my stuff also disappears at woodend plains but not a bunch of other places i tried. EDIT regarding blights, looking at it more, i see lots of different accuracies in my combat log, it's pretty confusing. also (mac GOG) i frequently, when looting, see the animation for what i looted the pr
  10. i just found a HUGE bug. when i travel from dryford to dryford crossing, some of my weapons disappear. i will post a save game if someone from obsidian asks me, otherwise i'm not bothering cuz they don't seem to listen much and i don't wanna waste my time. it was on a priest fresh from the tavern. just moving the items to his inventory then traveling still had them disappear. to fix i had to: equip the weapons on someone else, then travel to a different location. weird... also my wizard, who i just made from a tavern, has 1 accuracy more than he should. also 1 extra deflection like
  11. good job Baladas. don't forget the bug where companions permanently gain extra spells per rest while sitting at the stronghold, due to items or talents that give bonus spells.
  12. the health thing is the most annoying bug. i've been trying to fight guls without getting bugged and i have to keep reloading over and over... it's really hard to avoid, happens constantly. also my main character lost his racial ability (+1 weapon set), that problem isn't fixed. are devs reading this?
  13. please fix health bug (retroactively). i just got the 1.03 patch and hotfix, for mac on GOG, played a new game, and got a ton of extra health. probably from the guls near Ranga. it's on my main character too so just having people rejoin my party won't fix my game. i just read 1.04 patch notes and don't see this bug addressed. this is a game-breaking bug so please prioritize it.
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