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  1. Hi guys, i have noticed that accuracy shown in character sheet is kind of a mess. It doesnt reflect correctly any weapon accuracy talents or special weapon propriety (spears etc.) Anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. i just hit dyrford on level 8 and i feel really overpowered as well (i did a lot of sidequests but didnt do any bounties)....i am actually scared to do sidequests at this point so i can have some challenge further and it pi*ss me off because i love this game so far....
  3. same problem here...and even if i do it other way (killing those rascals in tavern) then it somehow screw the Kana "chant mechanic" and it does not restart after fights (hope you know what i mean:)....please please fix this asap
  4. Great video, cant wait for another one anyway Sensuki, do you have any attribute tips for decent melee oriented priest?
  5. Trius: i have almost the same build plan in my head too (warhammer instead of flail), but i have some worries if it would be effective at least to some extent...
  6. Name: Lazarus Race: Death Savannah od meadow folk Class: Priest of Eothas Background: philosopher And same as you i am really interested in the whole eothas/waidwen shenanigan
  7. cool, so with carefull attribute/talent spending and some luck i might be able to make decent warpriest....i was considering to play a paladin as well but i want to play Eothas follower due to lore aspect...i really want to see how to world that hates eothas guts will react to my eothas loving character
  8. hmm so second-tier fighter at best...anyway thanx for replies guys
  9. Hi guys,just a quick question here probably for those who already play/ed BB. Are priests able to deliever some real pain in melee combat? For my first playtrough i am planning some kind of warpriest badass hero but i am not sure if a game mechanics allows to build such a type of character...
  10. 15? I see in the end the only bug was in my head I hope this is it...
  11. Hmph I just leveled my awareness skill to 12 but still nothing.maybe some kind of bug
  12. thanx everyone I have a little awareness skill maybe this is it.
  13. Thank you I just complete all t4 upgrades using Computer skill but Repair upgrades is still available.
  14. Hello I have a little problem with some dialogue issues with t3-m4.In a very begining of the game i choose that Revan was man and follow the light sight.I play a Jedi Sentinel so i have very high computer use skill.But when i talk to t4 in a middle of the game there has to be a dialogue option where t4 show me a hologram with Bastila talking about Revan.But in my game i just can do some upgrades on t4 but this hologram message is nowhere.Thanx for help. (sorry for chaotic english)
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