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Found 6 results

  1. IIRC this only started after 4.1 or so -- after city encounters started working again. Running into random encounters in Neketaka seems to work again now, but after running into one, your location is reset to the district you started from, rather than where you hit the encounter. Relatively minor, probably only a problem in Eothas's challenge, but still. Is this happening to anyone else?
  2. So i had my 3rd run on PotD+ Expert mode+ToI and i boarded the weakest Principi ship to get their flag for Fort Deadlight infiltration. Xoti, Ydwin and Pallegina got knocked out (while not being in the party). Since then i went on 2 bounty hunting quests (Nomu and Drake). While having Eder, Aloth, Maia and Serafen in my party i noticed that some of the enemy NPC attack something else. From out of nowhere Pallegina and Konstanten appeared and started dealing damage to enemies, even though i could not control them. Things went south on my Nomu fight. Why? Because Ydwin and Xoti showed up on the map much closer to Nomu than my party. Aaaand they both got killed. Like knock down = death (similar to how Eder can die on the first fight with Benweth pirates).
  3. It seems to me that, at present, there's no really clear distinction between what sorts of things you can accomplish with per-encounter powers and per-rest powers. For instance, a paladin's Lay Hands ability can heal a bunch of stamina - great! And by contrast, a cleric's healing spells can ... heal a bunch of stamina. A rogue's finishing move deals some extra damage, just like various per-encounter abilities. There's a difference in scale, sure, but not in type. The reason this bothers me is that per-rest abilities function in an essentially different space. Like Health, these are the abilities that pace your whole adventure. It feels as though they shouldn't just be bigger, but different. Not that I necessarily know what that would mean: if a per-encounter ability can restore stamina, should a per-rest ability be able to restore health? I dunno. Among other things, this makes spellcasters kind of frustrating to me at the moment - they have this large and complex selection of abilities, but in order to pace themselves, they have to spend a lot of their time not casting spells. That would be okay, I guess, except that those spells feel, intuitively, as though they could be per-encounter abilities without issue. I'm aware that this is kind of rambling, but ... thoughts.
  4. Does anyone else think the encounter/point of interest density is too high for the maps? There also seems to be very clear "zones" to maps, which can often make the maps feel artificial and constructed. For example in Dyrford Crossing: The map is practically divided into 4 quarters, each with it's own group of wildlife. There are also 3 points of interest/dungeons on the map. To top it all off, the map is quite small. It really makes it feel like you're stumbling over encounters at every step, and that the "ecosystem" is designed and artificial. The terrain is also artificial - there are rivers and cliffs perfectly placed to funnel the player and maximise every square inch of space and seperate "zones". It reminds me of one of those exploration missions in Starcraft where the map funnels the player down a maze to maximise the distance the player needed to travel within the confines of a square map. In Baldur's Gate I loved the feeling of exploring each of the vast maps and of not quite knowing where the encounters would be. IMO the spread of encounters and content in that game was fantastic. Which brings us to another point - I sincerely hope there are much larger maps in the full game. Within those I hope that there's more constraint in placing points of interest and encounters. Hopefully this is just a beta thing and map density has been increased for the purposes of giving players a lot to play. Thoughts?
  5. One of the more interesting topics on the Wasteland 2 forums was a series of posts by the community on interesting encounter ideas. I think that might also be a useful topic here, so how about it? Do you have a brief but unique idea for an encounter or a short side quest in the P:E setting? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something unique or memorable. I'll throw a quick one out there to get the topic rolling:
  6. It makes sense that early random encounters in the wild are the usual bandits, wild life attacking and what not but wouldn't it be nice if there were some more challenging encounters later in the game. Eg. you could have your party discovering another party fighting an Arch demon and decide whether or not to side with the demon or the adventurers. Hopefully there will be lots of really hard tactical fights in the game. //Sathor
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