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  1. Oh yes please make everyone mortal, especially the children... =) There should of course be consequences to your actions but lets face it sometimes you just want to watch them all burn.
  2. I would love to be able to kill everything, there could even be quests tied to this. Say you kill a child in a city without being detected, the next days the town folk would be chatting about the child murder, kill some more and the militia gets involved in a search for this serial child murderer. They might even offer a reward for this killer, this is where you come in and plants evidence on some unsuspecting innocent man and reap the rewards, or you can get caught and thrown in to jail to be executed. I would love to see things like this happening instead of just 50 guards showing up to kill you when you 'accidentally' decapitates an annoying kid.
  3. Voted against, I want a way to cheese myself to max level and just unleash terror upon all living/undead beings.
  4. Yeah I hate level scaling as well, there should be a blood bath if you stumble upon a demi lich in the early game (like in bg2) but since this is specifically random encounters they could be handled so that certain encounters unlock after a certain point in the story line is reached or at specific geographic points as mentioned.
  5. It makes sense that early random encounters in the wild are the usual bandits, wild life attacking and what not but wouldn't it be nice if there were some more challenging encounters later in the game. Eg. you could have your party discovering another party fighting an Arch demon and decide whether or not to side with the demon or the adventurers. Hopefully there will be lots of really hard tactical fights in the game. //Sathor
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