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  1. So, just a couple minutes into Beast of Winter and it looks like you can keep modal abilities active even when weapon u're holding is not the weapon that can use that modal ability. Here i have the option to Rapid Shot (pistol modal ability) while having rapier and dagger. Aloth can use his scepter abilities even if he swithces to arbalest. BTW Eccea Arcane Blaster is still broken and doubles the amount of projectiles (which is the only reason i was able to kill that annoying new dragon in this comp). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cgCechNlKBWK_4BeG41EvnafPSQLhlee
  2. As you can see on screenshot party is affected by 2 paladin auras with only 1 paladin in the group, when i remove hired paladin his Exalted Endurance stays active on protagonist (also stays active on Pallegina that wasnt part of the party the moment 1st screenshot was taken, but she was affected by Exalted Endurance of the same mercenary previously). Note that aura dissappeared from companions (but not Watcher) and stayed on Pallegina. If i remove Pallegina then Watcher, Aloth and Eder (but not Tekehu) will still have Exalted Focus active. Save link below. Edit : Also Watcher has Grave Calling effect in UI and in character sheet active effects list even with the sabre being in the stash (not even inventory) just like Eccea's arcane blaster that stays active and doubles any projectiles affected character launches. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JWgTX6U8W5BR4A4vs-hIrtjoVfWNUuoX
  3. As you can see on the screenshot taken prior to combat Xoti's Dismissal targets every undead in AoE except for Fampyr (same thing happened minutes ago during first encounter with local inhabitants, pointing out that this Fampyr named Zulka is not some kind of boss that should not be affected by spell, diary says that Fampyrs are lvl 8 creatures therefore lvl 18 Xoti should pop em in industrial scales with that spell). Even if we assume that upscaled Fampyrs are equal or higher lvl than Xoti they still have to take true damage on cast. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eKsdraCyVicvBdj63TRfUN5YykekXPxY ^^ Save link However on this next screenshot in combat log there is no entry for DIsmissal hittin (or missing => no entry of spell targeting that Fampyr) Zulka In russian Zulkas name will look like Зулка written in blood red, as you can see there is no entry of Xoti performing anything against her.
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19N831Zq9stbVysmHECeS-7C_h3r5IqY3 Link to save, but the save was made hours after leaving Poko Kohara, still the bug happened again once or twice since then. As for log, do you mean combat log or something else?
  5. Same thing started to happen to me today, im oneshotting some of the unlucky fampyrs with 1 Blinding strike of Scordeo's Reward + Eccea's. Crookspur slavers were oneshotted 10 times out of 10. Add Tactical Meld on top of that for some more accuarcy and crit conversion and u get a monster assassin.
  6. I've found my backup savefile of this walkthrough, it was made ~ 1 day before i created the post, so i assume i haven't started (or at least finished the quest) at the moment. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15z0BGcPpTTb0LRJHWbK_mYt4ogbZxrUK
  7. From time to time Amira's wing stops working. The attack animation goes on without problem, "projectile" launches but it never reaches the enemy. In combat log there is no entry for those attacks at all, as if Aloth did nothing that whole time (unless he casts spell, then corresponding entry appears in log). Bug occurs randomly, after some period of time (or after some action performed) it fixes itself. It appears that it fixes after you board your ship and land somewhere (but simply leaving and re-entering location won't help, neither will switching location, because on screenshot you can see that bug is still there despite it first (not the very first time, it happened to me on 2 walkthroughs, this being the second) showed up on the upper level of the location Poko Kohara) Also on second screenshot in combat log you may see my rogue hitting Desert Imp twice with 1 attack using Scordeo's Reward, and damage dealt differs between those 2 hits. The second issue occured after i switched weapon (not set of weapon but replaced 1 pistol with another) from Eccea's Arcane pistol to Scordeo's reward.
  8. During 2 of my latest walkthrough i've noticed that there are moments when FPS drops from the cliff in combat. Luckily the reason was easy to spot : for some reason every now and then Serafen's shots cause FPS drops. I've encountered this bug in The Hanging Sepulchers, and just a minute ago i got that bug again. The moment Serafen pulls the trigger (doesn't matter what weapon he has arquebus/pistols/blunderbuss) and the hammer hits the primer (or whatever that part is called on that flintlock firearms) and the sparks show up the fps drops (simultaniosly with the sparks appearance) and stays low for uncertain amount of time. Switching weapons back and forth didn't help (perhaps because i switched from firearm to firearm). Yet this bug does not appear EVERY time Serafen fires. Save file link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BQW4MyLnKaIR1Fl54Hwm-fm8AFajg8mZ
  9. In Sealed Fate quest after you aquire Degnos' bag and read the letter within you must return to him at Queen's Berth. If you head there from any part of town using town map you will trigger encounter with Talfor. I didn't like the idea of him following me, but i didn't want to spoil my reputation with Principi so i headed to Undercroft (going there from Periki's Overlook does not trigger the encounter). In the Undercroft i took a boat to Queen's Berth, skipping the encounter and gave the bag to Degnos with no problem. But after i sailed for a bounty quest and came back to Nekitaka (Sealed Fate quest complete already) on my way from Berth to Sacred Steps i triggered the encounter with Talfor, so i picked the peaceful option and went back to Berth with him. This reset Degnos to the point where he asks to listen to him and not give him away to Avetta. I was able to "give" (Degnos' bag removed (0) ) him his bag, collecting his 37 copper for a second time.
  10. As soon as the vault heist is on Valeri will ask you to bail their ppl out the vault, at this point you can a)reject Valeri quest that will force you to wipe em all out; b)accept the offer and wipe Bardattos out.
  11. BTW i double checked another POE1 quest in same savefile and it says that Pallegina disobeyed her orders and changed trading terms with Glanfathans. But in POE2 even though she mentions her exile, her breastplate description claims that she followed her orders and Dyrwood, empowered by souls started a war against Vailian Republics (or at least it says so in russian version of the game).
  12. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MJBTZJrHdWlG5DyW92Z3gahwWjy4CMoJ Thats POE2 savefile https://drive.google.com/open?id=1klEwyOOxrgiv9N2V92e9cjSD-_IB9z4k Thats POE1 savefile
  13. After importing my favourite character from POE1 i've managed to find Sky Dragon Wurm in Oathbinder Sanctum during Lost Dues in Good Faith , that only appears in game if i spared the Sky Dragon in Hylea Temple. But i commited a small dragon genocide on my run, launched POE1 and loaded the save file and checked diary to refresh my memory -- diary says that i've killed both dragon and wurm.
  14. So i had my 3rd run on PotD+ Expert mode+ToI and i boarded the weakest Principi ship to get their flag for Fort Deadlight infiltration. Xoti, Ydwin and Pallegina got knocked out (while not being in the party). Since then i went on 2 bounty hunting quests (Nomu and Drake). While having Eder, Aloth, Maia and Serafen in my party i noticed that some of the enemy NPC attack something else. From out of nowhere Pallegina and Konstanten appeared and started dealing damage to enemies, even though i could not control them. Things went south on my Nomu fight. Why? Because Ydwin and Xoti showed up on the map much closer to Nomu than my party. Aaaand they both got killed. Like knock down = death (similar to how Eder can die on the first fight with Benweth pirates).
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