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  1. So how many of us run PnP rpgs? Do we ignore level appropriate encounters in favor of a constant stream of impossible or walk through encounters? maybe a few set encounters when we build the world but for the most part not so much. My players would have fits and rightfully so. It's the same thing in a crpg, the difference is all of the encounters are preset. A video game can be optimized to give each of us the challenges we desire while keeping the really easy or impossible encounters to a minimum. I'm sure all of you who scream that you don't want level scaling don't really want the game
  2. Yes, that would add realism and variety to the combat. No, i want my weapon of choice to be effective against all enemies the same I don't care. I have a different idea about this So why does every poll have these annoying answers? Isn't a simple yes no maybe or I don't care good enough? No!
  3. You want dro go to the wizards of the coast, they gots dro lots of 'em, seems everything they do now has something to do with them. Me I had it up to here with the damned things. If there's one thing I'd beg the devs not to include, that would be dark elves.
  4. I actually liked the giblets flying around on a particularly good hit. I wouldn't mind those coming back but in extreme moderation.
  5. Screen shaking when critical striking with a toggle to turn it off so I don't have to suffer through it.
  6. I'm of a mixed mind on this one. I like to think things would be more realistic if gold, which actually weighs a lot, actually weighed something in game. Making things cost more gold than you could possibly carry could be interesting. On the other hand I just can't get behind the idea in practice. I'd become frustrated having to convert my coins into lighter forms of currency such as gems the way we do in our PnP games. There's nothing like travelling with a mule so that you have enough carrying capacity to deal with large piles of coins or other goods. Thank the gods for extra dimens
  7. I think random encounters work best when they are set encounters that happen at random or in random places. Sometimes the plot can be enhanced or a sub plot introduced in such a way. In my TTRPG games I use this mechanic to confuse the players, drop hints about the big picture, or to eat up resources before an important encounter. I also use other kinds of not so random encounters when the players pass through hostile territory, including ethnic sections of cities. I like them and would be a bit unhappy about their not being in the game.
  8. According to what principle? if the game on the hardest setting it's -let's say- twice as hard, that experience bonus shouldn't make the game easier. Just reward the player a little more, to a minor extent. And I'd like to point that, as I already stated, I'm not very fond of that suggestion, but your objection sounds a bit baseless to me. wouldn't adding a bonus to earned XP make reaching the highest level easier? I'd assume that becoming stronger while the game stays the same would make playing the game easier, maybe even a cake walk that negates the difficulty setting. I wo
  9. So let me get this straight, you want the devs to waste precious resources making a half dozen animations and effects for every spell in the game that gets a slight power increase as you gain levels? I guess if we want to give up dialogue or a wider variety of items or have less detailed backgrounds, or maybe have some unknown hack come in from off the street to compose music, or give up the added stretch goal content like new races and classes, they could do that. Who knows what they'd wind up having to skimp on to supply us with all these different animations and visuals, just so you
  10. I think the only way we should be able to have the gear we want and to have it look the way we want is if we made the stuff ourselves. I wouldn't want everything I found to look just like the stuff I already have unless the only changes needed were attaching bangles or a new coat of paint. I wouldn't mind there being multiple copies of certain models with better stats and abilities built in so that I could actually find a breastplate that looked like the one I was wearing but was far superior in durability enchantment or made from a more exotic material. These would likely be very ba
  11. I'm more than happy with a hack and slash rpg. Interpersonal relationships are not something I want in a video game. If I want romance I'll buy a harlequin novel. If it's in the game and I can't ignore it I will be a very unhappy camper.
  12. I'd prefer a simple pass or fail when it comes to lockpicking. I also hope that I can break a lock or force open a door or other locked object. There's nothing as frustrating as failing to open a lock and not have other options for getting past the darned thing.
  13. As I remember, in Icewind dale and baldur's gate there were different custom settings for tactics and aggression. Clerics could be set to heal as the default and when a party member was injured he'd heal her or if you preferred you could set them to use certain spells in preference to others. I would certainly hope these are part of the game since with out them combat would indeed become pause fests where you had to micro manage your party or nothing would get done. Personally I would love to be able to set my own character to act independently of my input. that way I'd be able to wa
  14. I say give the P the option to fight this way if he wants, but let the rest of us do as we please. I would hate to have some arbitrary restriction on fighting styles just because some other body doesn't like them. In TOEE I had a fighter rogue with great cleave who used a glaive, if she won initiative there could be several sneak attack-cleave attacks in a row, it was awesome.
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