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  1. yes it's a bug. First time I entered this building, I tried to steal the book in the locked room, and I got caught by the npc standing close to the door. So I quickloaded and I tried again, this time the npc didn't see me. Then I went in front of the npc that give the quest and saved my game there and closed the game. Some hours later when I reloaded my game, everyone was hostile.
  2. Il faut remplacer les "blessures"(wounds) du moine par un autre mot, par exemple "plaies", car ca crée une confusion avec "blessures"(injuries).
  3. I just recruited grieving mother and I couldn't stand hearing her voice, I just kept clicking just to make her shut up, and there is no way she is going to be in my team.
  4. I read a dev said it's a known bug and will be fixed in patch 1.04, I have the same problem, if you accept 2nd dozen quest the knights dont want u, there are also workarounds that ppl have found (modifying the file containing the dialogue, but i am just going to wait for patch.
  5. I am telling you both circles scale with INT, just test it.
  6. so you're saying the inner circle doesn't scale with more INT ?
  7. Yes I get it, and I didn't comment on your issue which is likely to be a bug, but I just commented on your assumption that the outer circle represents the bonus range from INT.
  8. I think you are mistaken in thinking that the outer circle represents your added range due to INT. The inner circle means taht everyone in this circle will be hit by the spell (enemies and allies), while the outer circle means only enemies will be hit. The scaling due to INT works both for the inner and outer circles.
  9. And have you noticed that after you have completed that part of eders quest you can still talk to the archiver and you have the same choices as before (honest, aggressive etc), and I wonder if this could be used to crank up you reputation.
  10. this is not the only place that this happens, I have also found a place where there is red gems (forgot the name, but not rubies) and some gold coins, and thats why I have 450+ of those red gems. There is also a lootable wall in od nua level 7 I think (where you have to place 3 gems to open the door) which refills each time you load a game.
  11. I think enemies should do different attacks in hard mode, for example this creature makes you bleed while in normal mode it doesn't, this creature is immune to magic and another is immune to non magic attacks, etc.. Also, the lack of difficulty comes from the engagement system : eder is my tank and he is a beast, and I know that without him it would be much harder.
  12. I like what I have heard, especially "dirge". For me, the ultimate master when it comes to video game music, is Nobuo Uematsu, his melodies are just WOW. And this is what I would like to see in PE, more touching and unforgettable melodies, not just generic ethereal orchestral ambient music. Uematsu has the capacity to really catch the moments in the game and transcend them with incredibly epic melodies. The music and melodies in PS:T were also unforgettable, I often listen to the soundtrack of PS:T. I think it's clear... I WANT MELODIES
  13. I am a bit afraid sometimes that the game will feel more like a patchwork than something that has been well thought from the beginning. Like adding a new region : ok fine, but I hope they will do their best to blend that new content with what already exists, and that it wont feel like something coming from the blue, a bit like heart of winter for IWD, like you are transported in a different universe. New characters, new quests etc.., it's all fine unless it feels artificial.
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