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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I was wondering how to compare and rank our options with regard to stamina regeneration. More specifically, how do the following compare? Priest: Holy Radiance Fighter: Constant Recovery/Rapid Recovery Chanter: Ancient Memory/Beloved Spirits Are there any I missed? And are these fairly effective or are they pretty negligible, especially compared to just using potions/scrolls? How do they rank in effectiveness? In particular, I'm really interested in how well the fighter innate recovery compares with the AE effects.
  2. Hello All, When playing beta I have feeling that I am quite a lot forced to rest due to problems that I am quite ok to keep stamina up with cleric however I am almost on 0 health after few minor encounters with my frontliners. Especialy monk class is suffering as he need to get hit to work properly. I think that 1/4 ration is not enough. I rather have barbarian tank in fullplate than warrior. I think this ratio should be affected by consitution. For example base line would be 10 constitution is 1/4 and for each 2 or 3 points above and bellow it should go to 1/5 or 1/3 regardless. It will m
  3. I've noticed a lot of people really don't like the term "Degenerative Gameplay". I'm really not sure why. You may disagree with how Josh Sawyer uses the term "Degenerative Gameplay" (now DG) sometimes, especially when he's referring to a mechanic or system you don't like... but that doesn't mean the term is flawed. Far from it. DG is an incredibly useful term, because it describes (as I understand it) a situation in which the incentive structure of a game mechanic is flawed. DG, as I've seen it used, describes game mechanics that lead players to take actions that would be absurd or ridicul
  4. Although not a beta participant, I have watched various youtube videos of others' experiences with the beta. From what I've seen the health/stamina mechanic seems confusing, in fact several people have a real problem getting a grip on it... My suggestion is to rename Health, Endurance and rename Stamina, Health. The ratio 1:4, Endurance:Health may remain the same. In combat Health is reduced and recovered by spells, potions etc However, Endurance is recovered only by resting. Healing a wound by magical means goes only as far as repairing the affliction, serious wounds (be
  5. After seen demo and listening as Josh has to explain again and again what the hell is stamina i would suggest to rename: Current health -> fatigue stamina -> health I think this would be much less confusing as current state. Fatigue will start at 0 (full bar) and raise to some level 100). 1/ healing spells will restore health (instead of stamina). Which normal naming convention to virtually every RPG. 2/ Resting will now remove the characters fatigue (this actually makes more sense). 3/ As characters gain new levels, their hit points increases. (again standard naming conv
  6. These are some brainstormed ideas in reply to another thread, I understand that Eternity is well underway production. See this more as inspiration for future IP's or future Eternity's. I touch a lot of subjects in a single thread here, the idea is consistent and as a whole simply different puzzle pieces to a larger picture. I call it Diamondman Mode (previously known as "HellMetal Mode" or "Strongman Mode", and reluctantly "Old-Meets-New Mode"), which I find appropriate. This is an idea to get the game as difficult, but manageable, as possible. Rogue-like-ish, and in my opinion an interesting
  7. Looking through the PE wiki just now, I realized that there wasn't much information on level advancement. Since I couldn't find anything solid, I want to get a general feel how the community feels about it. 1. Should the growth of stats like accuracy, defense, skill points, and health/stamina be dependent on class? 2. Should stat growth be more exponential or linear? 3. How often(if at all) should attribute growth happen? 4. At what rate should a character get talents, and should some classes get them faster than others? 5. How should the XP requirement for leveling up be d
  8. Alundra has, in my opinion, one of the best running mechanics (it is just so difficult to master though!). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AisGdMqiqi4 At around 0:30. Running could be way more dynamic, out of combat, you are running from that boulder chasing you, or just running due to low health (with mortality mode on) or just running because running. Like "Drifting" in a car racing game, rounding those corners like a boss. Dynamic running animations. What say you? Good? Or as ominous as the music in the Alundra video? Not talking about a skill based running, but if you are runni
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