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  1. The wizard specializations should probably be changed to something like this: Strong PL bonus on specialized school. Minor PL bonus on 'friendly' neighboring schools. Doubled resource cost for 'hostile' schools.
  2. I don't like a lot of the single target buffs like Valorous Echos. Even a 20 INT Cipher is not going to overcome to opportunity cost of buffing a party member with +15% damage for 30 seconds, when an auto attack or damaging spell would do more damage (and much earlier in the fight too, not amortized over the 30 second time span). Why does everyone gets access to Arms Bearer, but only rogues get Deep Pockets? Wizards equipping a grimoire containing a spell they already know should grant a power level bonus for the spell. Some of the level 1 skills should be unlocked in pairs to mak
  3. I would love something similar, building a party of 5 using the worst overall mix of multiclass combinations with no duplication of class combinations. One class wouldn't make the cut, for being too useful
  4. Eder as a Rogue or Swashbuckler receives a skill bonus from the Berath's Blessings Skill Bonus for Insight instead of Sleight of Hands.
  5. I noticed this when setting the master game volume down to 10% or less to make it more friendly with other things running on my PC, that a few of my party members were making some partial footstep sounds and they are not affected by any of the sound volume sliders. I then set all sliders to 0% and confirmed this sound is still getting played. This was happening super early in the game for me, I rolled a Pale Elf Ciper (with the Old Vailia background) : Inside Cilant Lis, with Calisca and Heoden in the party: Calisca is muted properly but the player and Heoden have some of their f
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