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  1. More stuff seems to start floating http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77568-cloak-bug-floating-with-no-physics/
  2. This is one of the action bugs the devs know about but they struggle to find the cause http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76085-grimoire-slam-says-always-already-activated/
  3. Compress won't help if you want to attach saves, better to use things like Dropbox.
  4. It is intended that you can change your opinion in the end. You will get six choices, not only four. I would suggest to stick to the right choice and bear the wrath of Hylea because the kind of punishment will be probably unexpected.
  5. I could voluntarily test your save game to check whatever the bug is permament or a one-timer. Please upload your save before Thaos if you want to.
  6. Again? I think their size was nearly untoched in the patches.
  7. Checked my Wurmwull and got endurance. Are those Boots of the Long March (+15 Endurance) on Eder?
  8. Do you have everything double, like two Kanas? You should totaly upload your save games here with Dropbox.
  9. Link has a not nice workaround https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75191-not-getting-the-blade-of-the-endless-paths/
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