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  1. I posted this in the Beta Thread but I noticed my save files are up to 2 MB and loading slower. I did not know if this was an issue or not so I am reporting it and attaching saves. The saves are too big to attach it seems.... Will have to compress them down.
  2. Like the title says. I noticed my saves are up to 2 MB each and the load time is a bit slower. I will try to attach the saves somewhere.
  3. Tried searching for this but did not see it. I noticed that certain status effects were staying on permanently, I was using Palleginia and she was blinded. I could not remove said status effect without going to the Stronghold, removing her from the team and then putting her back in. I remember similar bugs were in the release so it seems it has popped back up again.
  4. Haven't tried without a small - But I DO know that if it did work, the small portrait would look weird since they aren't just supposed to be re-scaled large thumbnails. The small picture is used for the "head focused" up close shot ingame on selection. Actually it does work. I found out by accident. I forgot to resize the picture I used for my first character when I renamed them. I just made an exact copy. The game resized it for me. And it does not look that funny looking at all.
  5. I still think people do not know how to use wizards in Pillars..... Seriously, the classes are pretty balanced (They will never be completely balanced. Just doesn't work that way). Wizards usually ALWAYS start out slow in fantasy RPGs.... This is no different.
  6. I didn't say it was uncommon, I said it was potentially serious. Lots of people have untreated mental illnesses. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but if it starts to be a problem that is affecting your ability to live and enjoy your life then it might be time to seek treatment. Hey, from my POV, messy, unorganized, non-completist people are the ones that need to be cured. There is a point were completionist becomes perfectionist. Nothing wrong with wanting to do everything in a game, unless it becomes obsessive like I have seen with some people. When your life ends because you can't get a Kickstarter Steam Achievement like I saw complained about? You have some issues. And anyway, we are talking extremes. Most gamers are not total completionist or totally sloppy and unorganized. Most of use fit in the very wide area in the middle of those two.
  7. I don't see the problem. I must say, imo, it is a pretty trivial complaint. And I hate the word immersion as it pertains to games....
  8. I don't understand any negativity. Maybe the real fault is that people want to compare this game to BG2.... Which is not exactly fair. Pillars stands on its own. I think most people complaining are people who cannot adjust to the new system. Some people are stubborn and don't want to learn new things. A lot of people just wanted this system to be a D&D clone. That it is not.... All of those negatives you listed I have heard as well. I think they are nuts. I am a proud backer and I find it to be a very solid game that is well worth my money and time.
  9. Anybody know what was patched in just a minute ago? Just got a 570MB download on Steam
  10. So anybody know what just got patched in? I just got a 579 MB download on Steam....
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