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  1. Hey guys, I appreciate your opinions on the thread. I just wanted to show my particular dissatisfaction with this minor aspect of the game, I wasn't expecting such a fuss. I will leave this discussion with a suggestion/feedback... I have 2 suggestions to ease my "problem": 1- Make detecting items a passive, without the need of stealthing. Stealth button still operates the same (stealthes and find traps). 2- Make separate buttons: Stealth / Search. Stealth stealthes, Search searches hidden items/traps. Player will still need to hit a button to look for something but the characters don't go into shadowy. I wouldn't suggest changing what particular stat or attribute let you find things because this would be much more complicated for them to adress, I think... Since this is a singleplayer experience, players have different priorities, playstyles, etc... I know many of you don't care, but to me my experience would be vastly improved if my character could find hidden objects without being stealthed. Think about this when you think about the stash. The 1st time I noticed I could access my stash anywhere that felt wrong. It felt wrong but I actually loved it since I'm a hoarder =P And there's an option to disable it for those people who want a more realistic/classic approach. Maybe they could implement another option regarding finding those darn hidden objects too?
  2. Hey all.. Just registered here so I could share my feelings around something I consider to be a game breaking problem... I've read somewhere someone was complaining he had to stealth 100% of the time with fast mode activated, otherwise he would miss hidden items. To my dispair, the guy was right. I didn't do it and I had missed lots of hidden items (those items contained in purple places). After realizing that I started hitting my Stealth up 100% of the time too, and using fast mode. This killed the game for me. It kills immersion. My barbarian looks silly stealthing like a moron all the time. In town it looks unrealistic and silly that everyone is stealthed with their weapons combat ready all the time. Seriously. Some people may consider this a minor problem, but to me, it killed the game. I no longer have pleasure in playing after I realized I needed to stealth 100% of the time. Some people may say "You don't have to." And I will answer "Yes, I have to. Im a completionist". I can't let those hidden items pass undiscovered. I just.. can't. I searched for google for a spoiler-free, simple list of hidden items by map. So I could quickly check each map when I'm "done" with it, and see where I needed to stealth to get those items. But such thing doesnt exist yet. I searched for a mod to enable detecting hidden items 100% of the time without the need to stealth, but that doesn't exist either. So I stopped playing... I know this may sound trivial to the most of you, but to me it isn't...
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