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  1. Hey guys, I appreciate your opinions on the thread. I just wanted to show my particular dissatisfaction with this minor aspect of the game, I wasn't expecting such a fuss. I will leave this discussion with a suggestion/feedback... I have 2 suggestions to ease my "problem": 1- Make detecting items a passive, without the need of stealthing. Stealth button still operates the same (stealthes and find traps). 2- Make separate buttons: Stealth / Search. Stealth stealthes, Search searches hidden items/traps. Player will still need to hit a button to look for something but the characters don't go
  2. Hey all.. Just registered here so I could share my feelings around something I consider to be a game breaking problem... I've read somewhere someone was complaining he had to stealth 100% of the time with fast mode activated, otherwise he would miss hidden items. To my dispair, the guy was right. I didn't do it and I had missed lots of hidden items (those items contained in purple places). After realizing that I started hitting my Stealth up 100% of the time too, and using fast mode. This killed the game for me. It kills immersion. My barbarian looks silly stealthing like a moron all t
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