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  1. I'm so gonna have to try that next playthrough, see if there's some kind of freebie to be had from the grateful bitch dragon My hope is that it plays some role in the Expansion, kinda like the Rachni queen in Mass Effect. (Even though the Rachni queen didn't really have MUCH of a role in the sequels)
  2. I agree with you on one point - The rest bonuses for resting in your stronghold should stack, so that instead of picking one stat to rest for, you can rest and get +1 all stats.
  3. I noticed that the Wurmwull +15 Endurance bonus is not changing the endurance of the character when it's equipped, for example: i have an armor on Eder with +1 Con, and When i also enchant Wurmwull with +1 con and equip it, the life totals stay the same. See Screenshot below.
  4. The OP is right, the Stronghold Status screen is irritating to use, because it displays old information at the top, and you must scroll to the bottom to see new entires. Changing it to make it so that new entries are at the top would work, or make it so that the window defaults to showing the last entry in the list when it's opened (IE, Automatically scrolls to the bottom)
  5. Description: The wording on Firebug says ""A fearsome ball of fire that bounces from enemy to enemy up to eight times, causing burn damage" but when i cast it and Eder is tanking, firebug will bounce to him as well. Steps to duplicate: 1.) Have a level 9 Druid, and a Tank of some sort (I used Eder). 2.) Engage an enemy group with at least two enemies. 3.) Cast Firebug once the enemies are grouped around eder. 4.) notice firebug will bounce to eder as well as the enemies. Expected Results: Firebug should not bounce to allies, or the wording should be changed to reflect this if the function
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