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  1. New mod version 1.1 updated over at the mod page at Nexus Mods Eder - Black Jacket Subclass for Swashbuckler and Fighter - For Turn Based Mode Changelog version 1.1 --------- Edér now starts with Sabre, Pistol and Medium Shield modals (Black Jacket bonus +1 Proficiencies at Character Creation now taken into account) Split off the Fast Draw Pistol Modal into it's own mod Pure Fighter class Edér also is a Black Jacket now Swashbuckler (Fighter+Rogue) Edér starts with Escape and Disciplined Barrage as Level 1 abilities (Instead of Crippling Strike and Knock Down) Removed the modding of Edér starting equipment for increased mod compatibility, also because it didn't always function properly ----------------- End of changelog Split off Pistol Modal Mod - Fast Draw - For Turn Based Mode into its own mod at Nexus Mods Pistol Modal Mod - Fast Draw - For Turn Based Mode
  2. Yeah, I was hoping someone would have a knack or quick insight how to achieve creating a custom ability for just an off hand strike, but I guess I'll have to dig the documentation myself for clues. Also, I guess I am waiting for the next patch to come out before pushing this idea, because I think there will be some mandatory mechanical changes to be patched in, and I will have to adapt and consider what still needs polish in my opinion, after the Official Development Team finishes with their work on Turn Based mode. Thanks for the encouraging post Armakoir
  3. True, you are not mistaken. It does apply to both attacks when auto attacking and dual wielding, it would also apply to both attacks in this case, if I was not clear to point it out.
  4. I had this dream, that in the Turn Based Mode, where you strike with auto attacks both weapons in succession, you could instead opt to get the now useless Two Weapon Style talent that would have modified behavior like so; Two Weapon Style Grants a Standard action ability Main Hand Opener This is a Standard action ability which replicates the individual swing of the Main Hand weapon with the same -35% Dual Wield Penalty damage modifier as in regular dual wielded auto attacks, a Primary Attack with -35% damage modifier in essence Main Hand Opener gives temporary Free action ability Off Hand Finish which would be temporarily granted for use until the end of turn Off Hand Finish replicates a single Off Hand auto attack with the Off Hand weapon, with the usual -35% Dual Wield Penalty damage modifier The end goal and result of such modding would be, that by getting the Two Weapon Style talent, the character could decouple the main hand and off hand auto attacks into two separate attacks to two separate targets, even moving at the battlefield between strikes if need be, or for example mixing a pistol shot and a sword swing, which is not possible with the current auto attack. The main hand opener strike would be a Standard action that grants a temporary until end of turn Free action for the off hand finisher. Now my question is, is there a mechanism how one could create this ability Off Hand Finisher ? It would need to replicate just an auto attack with the off hand auto attack animation and damage. Also, it would be good to temporarily lock the Weapon Set to not be switchable for the remainder of the turn when using Main Hand Opener and also to make it Conditional to require Two Weapons equipped. The intention is to allow any combination of two Melee or Ranged (or mix of Melee+Range) weapons to be used with the Two Weapon Style. The end goal and result of such modding would be, that by getting the Two Weapon Style talent, the character could de-couple the main hand and off hand auto attacks into two separate strikes to two separate targets, even moving at the battle field between them if need be. The main hand opener strike would be a Standard action that grants a temporary until end of turn Free action for the off hand finisher.
  5. Great ideas I think. Seems like the turn based mode will be having some mechanical upgrades, and something like this would be definately an improvement.
  6. Link to Edér Black Jacket Subclass Mod on Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/302/ Link to Pistol Modal Mod on Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/309 Link to Edér Black Jacket Subclass + Pistol Modal Mod on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662064117 (old, bundled version) New version 1.1 updated 13th March 2019, changelog in new post below and at Nexus Mod page First mod I have published, should work with Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire version 4.1.2. If you have problems or find bugs with this, please let me know. The mod should work if you enable it and start a new game and choose Edér as Swashbuckler for your party. Compatibility with other mods is not tested. Mod files are separated by function if you are interested in customizing further or sneaking a peek. This mod is made with Turn Based mode in mind, and includes along with the Black Jacket subclass added for Edér a change to the Pistol Weapon Proficiency Modal, now called Fast Draw. The Pistol modal is next to useless in Turn Based Mode, which is why the change is included. Read below for descriptions. Created to be played with the Turn Based Mode (Version 4.1.2. at time of Mod Creation, February 21st 2019). Should work with fresh new start games. Please report bugs and errors and give comments and suggestions! Thank you. Edér as Swashbuckler gains Black Jacket Fighter subclass. Pistol Weapon Proficiency Modal Modified; Fast Draw (-50% Reload Initiative, +10 Acc vs Targets < 3 meters Range, -10 Acc vs Targets > 5 meters Range.) Starting with Escape as Level 1 Rogue ability instead of Crippling Strike. Sabre and Pistol Weapon Proficiencies (Fast Draw), instead Medium Shield Proficiency. Starting gear Sabre and Pistol, ditching War Bow and Medium Round Shield. - Edér gains Black Jacket subclass for his Swashbuckler (Fighter + Rogue) - Black Jacket is a Fighter sub class, that gets +1 Weapon Sets and can swap between Weapon Sets freely but has weaker Constant Recovery passive healing skill - Edér gets a Sabre and Pistol after you recruit him into your party - Edér has Escape as his Rogue Level 1 skill instead of Crippling Strike - Edér has Sabre and Pistol Weapon Proficiencies and no longer Medium Shield proficiency - Pistol Proficiency has been tweaked to be more interesting for Turn Based Mode as of 4.1.2. - Changed Pistol Proficiency Rushed Reload, -50% Reload Initiative, -15 Accuracy to Fast Draw Fast Draw [Pistol Weapon Modal] -10 Ranged Accuracy against targets farther than 5 meters with Pistols. +10 Ranged Accuracy against targets closer than 3 meters with Pistols. -50% Weapon Reload Initiative with Pistols. Drawing the pistol with haste, gain close range Accuracy at the cost of long range Accuracy. Reload Initiative is halved.
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