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  1. Hey guys! Quick one, about enchanting.. do I enchant every good item I use or are ingredients rare and should save enchanting for special stuff? THX!
  2. I will! Thanks for the advices on Durance.. After respec I'm on my way to Defiance Bay.. Feels good to play something new that feels this classic
  3. Thanks guys! I already respecced all of my party except Durance. I'm working on a variant of the Drake's Ambassador for Kana. For Eder, I'll try something similar to The Unstoppable Wave by Elric Galad (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91836-class-build-the-unstoppable-wave-siege-breaker-fighter/) My MC was respecced (w/o min/maxing) to try something like The Skeletor by Mlok (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88000-class-build-the-skeletor-spellcaster-and-spellbreaker/) And Aloth Will be similar to another of Boeroer's guides: Zeblastian Hurtstacker (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83681-class-build-zeblastian-hurtstacker-autoattacking-double-trouble-dps-wizard/) My only doubts are regarding Durance. He has 9 Dex and Per, so he doesn't only attack/cast slowly, but also misses a lot. So I'm unsure about putting him on a plate and have him slowly attack with his staff, or make him cast slowly from the background with a ranged weapon. I would like to keep him in character as much as I can, since he has an interesting persona like Eder (I think of Kana and Aloth more like blank slates). But idk if leaving him in his robes and making him a slow casting fire priest which does melee with a staff is gonna be useful for my party. I'll probably grab Pallegina and make her more tanky, since Eder is going for double weapon, but idk what I'll do with Durance. Perhaps I'll switch him for Hiravias and be done, since his stats seem much worse when compared to the rest. Thanks again!!
  4. Hey guys, this is my first time playing Pillars, I have XP with RPG's (Baldur's, NWN, Fallout's + I'm an D&D Master, so I'm playing on Hard). I created a Meadow Folk Aedyr Dissident Wizard, and since I wanted to roleplay I tried to not min/max attributes (I was also very lucky to discover that Might wasn't STR otherwise my wizard might have gotten that attribute below 10). I have Mig: 12, Con: 9, Dex: 13, Per: 14, Int: 15, Res: 12 I only got a 15 in Intelligence, because it was only used for AoE and Duration of Spells, which didn't sound very appealing.. Also I didn't want to get low Resolve, since a Watcher and a Leader needs to have this atribute above average. Well, my first mate was Aloth, which wasn't great (2 wizard seemed really squishy), luckily I then grabbed Eder, later Durance and after that Kana. I'm lvl 5 atm and going down to Endless Paths of Od Nua 6 after killing the drake, though I should probably go to Defiance Bay (haven't been there yet). Now, I would like to know two thinkgs: 1) Is it possible to use my mage as a Spellsword? I want to differentiate it from Aloth (which I want to do the CC) since now both mages look very similar (both have Arcane Assault and Scepter, and a Rapier as a 2nd weapon. I got talents in Blast & One Handing Style and Aloth in Blast and Weapon Focus: Noble. If it's possible, can you link a spellsword build? Also, Aloth is using his Armor which has like 30% recovery and I'm using Rundl's FInery (15% recovery but +2 Int). But If I want him to do CC and me to do some rapier work, I should change those items, right? If Spellsword isn't recommended with those stats, what is? 2) I like my party, having Durance is a little like having Edwin in BG1. He restores endurance and does some dmg (I'm still using his staff and robe and the talents I took were Brilliant Radiance and Inspiring Radiance). Eder tanks everything (Weapon & Shield + Hold the Line with Ilfan Byrngar's Solace and Resolution or Gaun's Share & Larder Door. Me and Aloth do some dmg. And Kana chants, summoning stuff (Ancient Memory + Beloved Spirits, and he either gets the 3 skeletons, the white worms and has some cc on The Thunder Rolled..) with Justice as his double handed sword. But I noticed their stats are somehow polarized, so I was trying to get best builds for them. Is there any guide for their best talents and abilities? Thanks!!!
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