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  1. Here, I've created a drop box link to the save file. Luckily, I still had it on my desktop. Specs and output are still the same as before. Issue was still there when I last played the game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6xekuq35wqbj2lj/db861402c72246f3b05144c61ce3c1ca%2018466493%20ClabanRilag.savegame?dl=0
  2. Yes, I had this happen as well. I've seen it occur a few times in other locations too, when not all of a pack is pulled. Like against the boss at the bottom of Caed Nua when one of the enemies was still far outside of the fog of war.
  3. Well, I've gone and completed most of the game now. The only thing I have left are the companion quests/bounties. However, I still cannot trigger Eder's quest. I guess I'll just complete the game as is. A little disappointing though. Hopefully it can be fixed by the time the expansion arrives.
  4. I cleared Cliaban Rilag and during the clear I came across a campsite and grabbed the Readceran Standard in a tent. Now, that I've come back with Eder in an attempt to progress in his quest, I cannot. The two looters did spawn and they had the discussion, but afterwards the tent was still empty. It seems the game expected you to loot the standard with Eder in the party, and by getting it early the proper flag cannot trigger. The standard is in my stash under quest items as well. Am I missing a way of interacting with it? I've also looked ahead and it seems I need a cipher to examine the stand
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