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  1. Pallegina has got guts, I'll give her that...still, living gods doesn't mean perfect gods...they look a bit more like a Demiurgo, supernatural, overpowered, ****ty, selfish beings
  2. Thanks, I was definitely missing something there...good to know. I know AOE spells cannot be reflected by AR, I meant targeting spells. I have experienced this issue several times...maybe it was a spell's side effect and I didn't notice...I'll try and look closer when I think I have this situation. Hehe I get your point...still, I am not entirely convinced...maybe I'm too used to the old Baldur's Gate's mechanics...it just doesn't really make sense to me. I see your point...still...not entirely convinced Not at all, on the contrary...thank for
  3. Hi everyone, not meant as a whining/rant post, just throwing around some questions/doubts. First of all, and maybe needless to say, I do love PoE 2. No matter how much I love it, I can't help thinking the Concentration system (for casters), despite being a really nice idea, is deeply flawed. Bear with me, and please do let me know if I'm wrong, somewhere: - No matter the level, no matter what kind of caster you are, no matter how high your stats are, you can get at best 1 level of concentration at the beginning of the combat (through the talent). You cannot actually stack conc
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