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  1. Pallegina has got guts, I'll give her that...still, living gods doesn't mean perfect gods...they look a bit more like a Demiurgo, supernatural, overpowered, ****ty, selfish beings
  2. Thanks, I was definitely missing something there...good to know. I know AOE spells cannot be reflected by AR, I meant targeting spells. I have experienced this issue several times...maybe it was a spell's side effect and I didn't notice...I'll try and look closer when I think I have this situation. Hehe I get your point...still, I am not entirely convinced...maybe I'm too used to the old Baldur's Gate's mechanics...it just doesn't really make sense to me. I see your point...still...not entirely convinced Not at all, on the contrary...thank for brining in your pov, I definitely learnt a couple of things there... Thanks both, btw
  3. Hi everyone, not meant as a whining/rant post, just throwing around some questions/doubts. First of all, and maybe needless to say, I do love PoE 2. No matter how much I love it, I can't help thinking the Concentration system (for casters), despite being a really nice idea, is deeply flawed. Bear with me, and please do let me know if I'm wrong, somewhere: - No matter the level, no matter what kind of caster you are, no matter how high your stats are, you can get at best 1 level of concentration at the beginning of the combat (through the talent). You cannot actually stack concentration layers, you just need to get it up again through spells. And this is what I kind of find insane...you need to cast a spell (one that provides concentration) to cast another spell...you cast a spell to cast another spell...and if u get interrupted during that buff spell, well...you understand where this is going... - Most times (not always) casters are targeted by spells (since they tend to cast from behind the first line). Knowing this, I always try to keep Arcane Reflection up. How ON EARTH can mobs interrupt me if the spell 1) does not deal damage 2) does not even hit me. I have experienced this several times. Is it a bug? Is it working as intended? Is it me who's slowly slipping into madness? Who knows... - Spells/abilities can actually interrupt people while they WALK...I mean...seriously?!? Do I need to be focused to WALK?!? I could understand if the pg received a massive damage/crit, so that he needed some time to recover...that, I'd understand...but grazes/hits too seem to prevent characters from running...again, am I missing something? - This is the best...the one and only level of Concentration protection can be taken off by an attack EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT CASTING...so, example: mage running from one side to another of the map, just RUNNING...one arrow hits him with a graze...Concentration goes off...he was NOT EVEN casting...I mean...this cannot be the way developers wanted this mechanics to work, right? So...please, do correct me if you think I'm wrong or just share your view about this...I like the system, just think it could have been implemented in a much better way. Just a thought. Ah, by the way...I'm obviously talking about PotD difficulty. Thanks everyone.
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