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  1. That is I started to figure out. So there is nothing specifically different about implements and other ranged weapons other than what talents apply to them? Thanks for the clarification!
  2. I noticed that the Fire Priest build on these forums recommends "Abydon's Hammer... when in 'caster' mode". I always assumed that it was for the Mythic accuracy and damage bonuses when casting. However, then I noticed the Might bonus, and thought it might just be that. After all, in my old D&D 4th Ed. days only implements contributed to damage and accuracy on Powers with the Spell keyword. So do wizard, priest, and druid spells benefit from the quality enchantments of implements in PoE1? If not, what makes an implement an implement and not a ranged weapon? Just the talents from which
  3. If this is wrong forum (as in for making mods, not dealing with them), please let me know...
  4. I am playing PoE1 with mods. I am getting some strange behavior. Potions fail to be drank, often but not always characters fail to engage the enemy (even while not stunned/paralyzed/unconscious), and occasionally characters stay idle and don't attack. Here is my patchwork mod list: Any ideas as to the problem? Or is this just pillars behavior?
  5. Weird... With Stalker's Torc equipped, if you compare the item card for Stalker's Link it reads like damage over time. However, it does use "per" instead of "over" like known DoTs like Touch of Rot. I just don't know how else to read "per 3.0 sec". Could someone please clarify what this language means in the Stalker's Link item card below. I included the item card for Touch of Rot for comparison.
  6. Does anyone know if Predator's Sense is triggered by Stalker's Torc? I know that the latter was bugged and was supposedly fixed by a patch, but I am not sure how both of those items and Stalker's Link interplay. If this was a tabletop game, I would assume if you Stalker's Link you get "+10 accuracy when attacking the same target as animal companion". Stalker's Torc should says it modifies Stalker's Link to do "+20% Damage per 3.0 sec", which I assume also triggers when attacking the same target as animal companion. The question is whether "+20% Damage per 3.0 sec" counts as damage ov
  7. Any chance of getting a separate mod just for: "fixed a ridicules dependency between prestige and security in the taxing algorithm (Prestige nullified security, if it got bigger. That is why one had outcomes like "500 Bandits/ 500 self" at 1pre 1sec and at 30pre and 30sec)"? I would love to have this fixed, but the rest of this mod isn't for me. I understand why others use it, but I am using IEmod to increase the experience required to level and the workaround to implement the main feature (stronghold turns to days) would drive me nuts with the -1. If not, I am perfectly willing to sp
  8. Could someone please point me in the direction of how to mod PoE1? I'm pretty good at Elder Scrolls/Fallout modding, but have NO experience with Unity. I would love to change this!
  9. When I started playing PoE1, my intuition told me that Greatswords should use the best of Slash or Crush damage. While they are visibly just larger swords, anyone who understands swordplay knows their use is very different. In order to swing such a heavy blade, you have to hold it in both hands much higher, practically over your head, and use gravity to swing the blade effectively. This means the Greatsword attack functionality is quite limited to uses. You can swing the blade by twisting your wrist from side to side, to let the blade gain momentum from the top of one side of your body dia
  10. I found the staircase in the Great Hall, but it doesn't lead there. Or are you talking about another staircase in the Foundry? I just got there...
  11. Weird. I already got the stormcaller bow by going through the door at the bottom of battery watch tower... but I have no idea of how to get to that ledge. How do you?
  12. Just to west of where you find the Stormcaller bow piece in Durgan's Battery, there is a ledge. It even highlights blue, if you hold Tab key (see attached picture). I know that you can get "roof access" from the stairs in the Great Hall, where you get minor items but still cannot access this ledge. The OCD in me is killing me, how do I get to this ledge? Note that I am in WM1, so please let me know if it is something for WM2... Thanks everyone!
  13. Hi everyone... been lurking here awhile and I think this is my first post. Anyway, I am playing at normal difficulty - for me just challenging enough (I am also physically disabled) without having to break immersion by crafting tons of potions/scrolls, and using IEMod custom NPC stats to "re-shuffe" the companions attributes to fit builds posted on the forums here, steam, and NerdCommando's youTube videos, with my own tweaks. Keep in mind that I am just swapping attributes around to better fit the builds, I am not redistributing the points. This seems to make the companions better without f
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