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  1. How to reproduce: 1 - Start a new game and make an aumaua or godlike character 2 - Unequip your clothes in the boat's cabin and save the game 3 - Load the game and open the inventory screen The game always loads the generic human body model regardless of race, so Godlikes end up with a black shadowy body and Aumauas are missing their stripes.
  2. When I load a save, my Godlike character has a weird black body in the equipment screen until I change some equipment, after which he returns to normal. Also, Vela wasn't in the beach at the beginning until I quicksaved and quickloaded.
  3. This is happening to me right now. Workaround: exit Dunnage, reenter, talk to Aeldys (she repeats the initial dialogue) then do the quest.
  4. care to clarify? Was it just misreading the disposition first time round, or was the edit made post beta patch? It just doesn't show your progress between levels, so I had to choose like 6 diplomatic responses before I got level 1 on that disposition. I wasn't sure they worked as intended before then.
  5. Reputations seem to have gotten worse. I started a new game and got 3 levels of reputation with the Children of the Dawnstars just by helping them with the cart. After recruiting Xoti, it was up to 5. I still don't have a single level in any disposition, though. The circles are all empty. Edit: I got my first disposition levels. Definitely fixed.
  6. How long has it been since you restarted your PC? It seems to get slower over time due to RAM issues.
  7. I don't know if it's intended, but Greater Lay on Hands does not replace the original, and it even heals for less HP.
  8. Takedown appears in the Ranger bar, but Play Dead doesn't, so you have to select the pet if you want to use it.
  9. I got the Defensive Bond ability as a level 14 Shepherd, and when I leveled up to 15 I saw I had Strengthened Bond without actually putting a point into it.
  10. 1 - The music seems to stop for an instant before a voiced dialogue plays. I noticed this during the first conversation with the Pallid Knight. 2 - I started with more current HP than max HP for some reason. 3 - Importing from PoE1 seems to be really broken. One of my conversations options with Eder was "Who are you?" and it showed the PoE icon. 4 - No premium Fig edition items, except the ones on the Explorer DLC.
  11. How the hell people do this? It's been 3 days since release. I'm 15h in the game and I didn't finish the first location. Well, the beta was pretty much the first half of the game so I skipped some dialogue in that part since I'd played it recently. And yeah, once you leave the first city there's not much else.
  12. I still have hope that they'll fix most of that stuff with patches and expansions. The game has a lot of potential, it was slowly becoming my favorite modern CRPG, and then it went downhill faster than the endings of Mass Effect 3.
  13. I finished the game a few hours ago. I won't spoil anything, but even though I loved the first half of the game, I absolutely hated the second half. No other game has ever disappointed me as much. It just felt rushed and there was questionable writing as well as terrible game design (and probably bugs) that made me regret playing the game. The combat system is bugged too, but I rarely ever entered combat.
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