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  1. This turned out to be my issue. Although my GPU was in the right slot, it was running at "PCIe x 16 x 2.0 @ x 1 3.0". Swapping graphics cards yielded the same result which made me think that the motherboard was bad. I swapped the motherboard today and now PoE2 is running silky smooth. Strange that PoE2 is the first game to chug because of this!
  2. I turn off my PC every night. The low performance is constant from the moment I load into my save to the moment I close the game. One thing that is interesting about my issues is that my GPU usage stays at 100%, but the temps do not rise at all (they stay low as if it were idle). Other games like Overwatch, etc all perform flawlessly as expected. I am currently playing the game on my older desktop and it has flawless performance. Very strange issue.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm getting on average 20 fps with nothing going on. Even lower in fights. I remember having a similar issue in the original game and was able to fix it by adding -force-d3d11 to the launch parameters. This doesn't appear to do anything in the sequel. Maybe someone else is having similar issues? Specs CPU: i7 7700k @ 4.20 GHz RAM: 16GB GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti
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