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Mod Greatswords to Slash/Crush; Pollaxes to Slash/Pierce

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When I started playing PoE1, my intuition told me that Greatswords should use the best of Slash or Crush damage.  While they are visibly just larger swords, anyone who understands swordplay knows their use is very different.  In order to swing such a heavy blade, you have to hold it in both hands much higher, practically over your head, and use gravity to swing the blade effectively.  This means the Greatsword attack functionality is quite limited to uses.  You can swing the blade by twisting your wrist from side to side, to let the blade gain momentum from the top of one side of your body diagonally down to the other side.  On a miss, that momentum can be used to quickly reset the blade to starting position.  A hit would result in slash-like damage.  Alternatively, you can bring your arms straight down, using the blade's massive weight as a giant club.  A hit would likely be to the head or shoulders, and against an armored opponent, the hit would "bounce" the blade back into position.  The result is crush-like damage to both the armor and soft tissue underneath.  

This means the Greatsword's most realistic representation within the PoE1 ruleset should be the best of Slash-Crush damage.  While this is currently the same weapon profile as Pollaxes, and I admit I know little of their use, a Pollaxe appears to be more like a Slash-Pierce weapon.  Essentially, it is  a long stick with an axe near its tip, which also has a point on it.  Therefore, I would like to change Pollaxes the Slash-Piece damage as well. 

Are their any mods doing this?  If not, what would it take to edit object bundle files myself?  It doesn't look like many files would be affected, but I know little about editing ,unity3d files, and I don't have any experience with Unity.  I would love to do this myself with a little bit of guidance...

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