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  1. It is kinda a general rule of the game. One can only have 1 summon at a time. Otherwise, anyone could simply throw 4 summon items and swarm enemies with a cheap army
  2. It remains. After port Maje main quest and being summoned by Bereth, any paladin aura at the time would be permanent. Here is a screenshot. My main character has 2 paladin auras, while others have 1 aura.
  3. Expecting Object: line 1 column 9150399 you can search "[,," or "Scroll_of_avenging_storm_SE_AttackOnApply" get rid of these 2 commas would be fine
  4. All non-unique legendary equipment data has been set to "Never Drop As Loot". This might be the reason behind it. High level enemies equipped with legendary items which "never drop as loot". As a consequence, cannon loot would be much better than melee loot
  5. The new system changed a lot. For now, close to board rewards are too low compared to cannon battle. I tested it with 2 very hard combats against avenger ships of pirates and Huana. My team is about lvl10, and the pirate avengers are like lvl19 with legendary weapons. Their abilities deal 80+dmg, 20+dmg roll + 60%SneakAttack + 60%Legendary weapon + 30%overpen. However, after a hard won melee combat, I only got a few exceptional items and 1 superb pistol. Meanwhile, cannon combat was much easier. And I got many superb items. So whats the point of harder melee combat? Cannon combat generates double exp for team and sailors. This is the melee combat loot And this is the cannon loot. The networth of cannon loot is much higher than the melee loot. Whats more, sometimes unique items could be lost as a result of melee combat. This is the melee loot of Huana Avenger Ship, 0 unique item, and only a few normal items. And this is the cannon loot of the same ship. A unique shield, and some enchanted items.
  6. I think the game uses same penetration value for physical and elemental damage. However, AR for them would be different. It is possible to have a damage instance only overpen one of (physical, elemental), which might cause more confusion if not understanding the formula
  7. I guess over pen with a fire ball means the fire burns through armor And a bullet pierces through armor instead of body could cause more damage
  8. With the help of some fellow watchers, now I know how the game calculates lash damage. Suppose "PhyDMG_mid_stage" is the calculated physical damage only without penetration factor. For example, with +60% might, +60% legendary, +60% sneak attack, -50% Graze, the PhyDMG_mid_stage would be Roll*(1+0.6+0.6+0.6-1)=1.8*Roll. (-50%: 1-1/0.5 = -1, you can check this <a href="https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98679-mechanics-attack-speed-recovery-time-reload-time/">mechanics-attack-speed-recovery-time-reload-time</a> for explanation) The baseLashDMG = PhyDMG_mid_stage * coef The reason I am calling it "mid_stage" is that when calculating the final physical damage, we need the penetration factor. So far, we only have 5 values, -75%(-3) -50%(-1) -25%(-0.33) 0 +30%(0.3). The number in bracket is the covereted value for damage calculation. And the example continues, suppose we have an Overpen, our final physical damage for the above would be Roll*(1.8+0.3)=2.1*Roll. Whats next, suppose we have +50% fire damage (turning wheel). What would be our total combined damage? The baseLashDMG would be 1.8*0.5*Roll = 0.9*Roll. Now we need to consider the fire damage penetration. If we also have an Overpen, then the finalLashDMG = baseLashDMG * (1+0.3) = 1.3*0.9*Roll = 1.17*Roll. Well, the inconsistency comes. The intuitive value would be 2.1*0.5=1.05*Roll, but the actual value in the game is 1.17*Roll, which is higher. In the above example, the difference is not that obvious, but in the game, with the help of many skills and items, that difference could be much higher. The current game system would magnify the physical damage bonuses. I am not gonna call it a bug, but at least an inconsistency. The penetration factor for physical damage is an additive factor, however for lash damage, a multiplicative factor. Also, raw damage would be much worse than normal elemental lash when you have high enough pen. On the other hand, raw damage could be extremely good against enemies with very high AR. For example, the Aztec style obsidian blade(I forgot the name) has +10% raw lash. For example, +60% might, +60% legendary, +60% sneak attack, -75% noPen, the coef_sum = 0.6+0.6+0.6-3=-1.2, and the final physical dmg = Roll*(1/(1--1.2))=Roll/2.2=0.45*Roll. The raw_lash = 0.1*1.8=0.18*Roll, which would be 4X as a normal elemental lash.
  9. From a ship captain. However the spawn condition of the ship is uncertain. Some suggest that with a -4 reputation to pirates, the ship would spawn, but I have not tested it yet. The current reputation system might be bugged, for example, I simply killed every killable NPC in my game for science. But to my surprise, reputations of some factions went from +4 to +5, others remained at +5. Even though, I got a lot of "lost reputation(major)", still some reputations increased. BTW, there are 4 ships might spawn on condition ( 1 for each faction), and they might carry some unique power items.
  10. +15% buff duration is the bread and butter, an equivalent of +3 INT. You can't go with Caroc unless you want to lose great options in game. The rest of the effigies are poop. Also your list is confusing because it omits certain conditions for those numbers. +2 Acc is only for >4m targets on Sagani. Maneha only gives +5 Might affliction defense, not all. Kana is a different defense - can't remember which one now, Aloth is +5 Intellect affliction defense, Grieving is +5 Resolve affliction defense. Hiravias +1 slash AR, Pallegina +1 shock AR Good Point, I am gonna correct the information
  11. My goal is to find the best/worst openning of POE2 for science by using the POE1 save editor. I have found some interesting things in the "statuseffects.gamedatabuddle". (Search:"Effigys_Resentment") Updated: Great Thanks to Queeg. I double-checked the file again and corrected the information with details. The affliction keywords are crossed-checked with other effects ("AttackFilter") Sacrificing POE1 Teammate Bonus: Aloth: +1 INT, +5 ref (This is in the "statuseffects.gamedatabuddle"). There might be a text-link error, according to Queeg, the in-game tooltip says "+5 INT affliction Def" Devel of Caroc: +1 DEX,+1 Pen Durance: +1 CON,+ 5% max HP Eder: +1 MIG, +2 def Grieving Mother: +1 RES, +5 AllDef (INT Affliction) Hiravias: +1 DEX, +1 AR(slash) Kana Rua: +1 INT, +5 AllDef(Dex Affliction) Maneha: +1 MIG, +5 AllDef(Might Affliction) Pallegina: +1 RES, +1 AR(shock) Sagani: +1 PER, +2 Acc( >=4m) Zahua: +1 CON, +15% buff duration Gift of Machine's effect is identical to the POE1 effect: +1 MIG +5% Max HP Gift of Hope: +1 CON,+1 RES,+10% max HP, I don't know what it is Woadica Soul Power: +1 PL. If it is the result of giving souls to Woadica, then I would probably choose this over other gods, since the wrath of them is kinda weak compared to it and not hard to get rid of.
  12. I think I would be OK. Combined with monk, frostseeker deals pierce + ice + fire dmg. I don't think enemies with all 3 immus exist in the game. Even so, I can always pause the game and kill the process before its too late.
  13. Another OP issue. Stunning Surge: if crit, then refund resource However, when crit occurs, Stunning Surge gives +2 mortification & +2 wound(not in the tooltip). With some weapons which can hit multiple times, a monk can actually get more than 2 mortifications through multiple crits, thus self-generating class resource. These screenshots show that my monk/ranger cast stunning surge with 5 morts(8 total, -2 dance of death, -1 swift flurry) and through 2 crits with frostseeker, ended up with 7 morts.
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