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  1. Hello, The other day I had a shower-thought: Explosives is one of those skills that people seem to not really use. So, In my undying effort to cover information no one really asked for, here's how explosives and the Explosives skill work. Before we get to what each point of Explosives actually does- there are a few of things to note: First, explosives typically have a base penetration of 7. Second, is that the accuracy is affected by your base accuracy rating (+20). Third, range and the area-of-effect radius is not affected by anything. (I believe it used to, but isn't any more) Fourth, anything that affects recovery (dexterity, armor, items, etc) will effect the recovery when using an explosive. Fifth, anything that affects accuracy like buffs, items, etc, also effects explosives. (Marked for the Hunt, Ring of Focused Flame, Devotions of the Faithful, etc) Each point of the Explosives Skill will give explosives: +1 Accuracy +5% Damage +5% Affliction/Status Effect Duration +0.25 Penetration On top of that, explosives get a +3 Accuracy bonus for every character level above level 1. This means that with a level 16 barbarian that has an Explosives skill of 13 the attack would have: 78 Accuracy, +65% Damage, +65% Duration, and 10.25 Penetration. Just like anything, explosives can get critical hits, and can overpenetrate. The last thing that affects explosives mechanically is reverse pickpocketing. When you reverse-pickpocket an explosive into an enemies inventory, it works the same way as if you were throwing it, but it gets +100 Accuracy, +100% Base Damage, and +100% Base Penetration and gives you about 10 seconds before it detonates. Ironically you actually do not need any points of Sleight of Hand to reverse-pickpocket an explosive, but you do need to be hidden. (If you want to know how pickpocketing works, check this out). The Explosives skill is also used (admittedly, rarely) in scripted interactions and conversations. Typically, the Explosives options involve using, manipulating, or disabling explosive materials and ordinance.
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