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Found 7 results

  1. What I'm trying to figure out is this: I don't understand how the game gets to 52.1. The base damage could be anything between 38 and 55, and then there would also be the critical damage multiplier of 0.3 and the 45% more damage.: Is there someone who can explain these mechanics to me?
  2. Hello Guys, Today, I would like to know the real propensity of differents opinions of naval battles. (Textual phase before docking). Eventually, we can discuss here what could be improved or not. Josh recently said that it excited a lot of people, but I would like to validate this assertion. Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I have the impression that this is not totally the case by many post that I saw on this forum. I admit that I also do this topic because I have the impression that Obsidian will not change the current system, so our impressions are now even more important. Actually I am in the mood of : Wait and see the full game. But honestly, if there is no change, I think totally ignore this part of the game. This topic works in addition to this one : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95874-ship-to-ship-combat/
  3. Hi, I've just defeated all foes with my last standing summoned creature. All of my heroes are unconscious, but they can not recover, because battle is somehow still pending. I think that I should either lose or my heroes should wake up in such a situation. Unfortunatelly, I can not save the game to show the problem, because battle is still pending...
  4. As I walk in Pearlwood Bluff, my party see a little cute drake! Engaging him only provokes a million of Xaurip that comes to his aid, not only attacking me but also keep healing the drake himself! (healing on hands to be more specific! who said paladins are useless?) This was the taughest battle for me and I actually died twice before I decided to change tactic. 1) Aloth, you don't need fire spells. swap in the debuffs and lightning strike! 2) Eder, you hate using sword and shield I know, but for this one not only you will but also eat +con food! 3) Kana .... get your tanking gear on and eat some +might food :D As the battle start I know those pesky Xaurip paladins will heal the drake, so I go for them first, trying to line enemy up for lightning strike. It works but my tanky Eder takes a lot of damage and I do need to spam some +armor +healing buffs (thank you crazy Durance). As only 2 Xaurip + a drake left, I get lucky with Aloth debuff that reduce the drake intelligence resolve and will resistance, allowing me to spam even stronger debuffs, that actually PARALYZE the drake himself. I managed to kill the Xaurip paladin and then finishing off the drake, letting the last little Xaurip left to run for his life but he seems really devoted to the dragon (maybe because hes the priest), so I unite him with his worship idol in the afterlife. WIN. Not a single down/death, level 5 party! Thank you Obsidian for an epic game
  5. It seems I can't loot enemies in battle. I don't know if this was a bug or a choice by the developers. I think enemies should be lootable for an action during battle, it makes sense to me. Opinions?
  6. After fighting upstairs in the Dracogen Inn, I went back over the bridge and talked to the Elf on the bank. I then started a fight with him and his friends and slaughtered them all without mercy. After the fight however, I began to loot the corpses but my cursor refused to return to normal. Instead it stays as the 'Sword' icon to attack people. It also would not let me drag a box over my party to select them all. 1) Talk to the smug Elf on the River Bank 2) Start the fight with the diologue option 3) Begin slaughtering said Elf and his party 4) Once victorious, start collecting loot 5) See that the cursor is still up for a fight and displays a sword icon. Expected Behaviour: I expect my mouse to adhere to my commands and select my party for further adventuring. There will be more for it to fight along the way I'm sure.
  7. So yeah- it mostly derives from the idea, that our group of heroes shouldn't be "godlike" and able to cut down enemy armies in a single sweep. In order to survive I believe we should concentrate on wide range of trickery and talking our way out of the though situations (pacifist playthrough included). It's easier to implement in populated areas like towns, but what about dungeons and wilderness? Well, let's say that we have an option to avoid (and gain exp as well) enemy pack, by blocking the road for example (so they can't reach us and are trapped) and setting the floor on fire- in order to do this, we would need for example a very strong team member to block the road and a mage with w fireball spell. It's all contextual action- if we don't have a teammate with high enough strenght and the second one with the fire spell- we can't carry out the mentioned idea and need to resolve to standard fight or other trickery. Or healing the wounded traveler (heal spell necessary) and convincing to go in some direction (high speach or lie) and thus making a bait for a pack of enemies, so we can slip unnoticed out of the tough situation. Not only it would "spicy up" the dungeons exploration, but gave the reason to invest points in some skills, that be unused (or used less) if concentrating on the fighting ones only. What do you think?
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